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The Cost Of Casual - A Gamer's Series article about Gaming/Gamers Part 2 - by MTGJody

So I’m going to use Magic the Gathering (MTG from now on in the article) as an example because its what I know best from my own point of view, but I know many people who play other games that are at a similar price range over time so we are going to go with MTG.
When I started playing magic I bought booster packs(15 random cards one rare, three uncommon,11 commons) , now these run around four dollars plus tax, and when you first start out that’s fine, but after a while it adds up, you see when someone is new to a game and doesn’t exactly know what to get or even how to play correctly ,they can and most times with no guidance spend more money, more  than even competitive players spend. Example: Currently the most expensive deck in standard( The current popular format that rotates out every 16 months or so) cost about 800 dollars, which is the average price of the top tier deck in that format, in Legacy( The eternal format that usually only gains cards and has few banned cards) is normally around 1,500-3000 dollars, now that might seem steep but just read a little more,im about to blow your mind with knowledge, its actually cheaper to buy a legacy deck because in the long run the expensive cards stay that way, the expensive cards in the standard format are few that do that, now the point if this article is the cost of casual, and to get to that point I had to explain all of that so you could understand if you’re not a MTG player.

Back to when I started playing for the first few years, I bought an average of  12 boosters every two weeks so annually I was spending at least 1,000 a year in just boosters, not counting special products, I don’t spend anywhere near that anymore, not because I just play competitive I play casual now, but I buy smarter, I don’t regret the way I did it because I built up a nice collection over the years. I am making a point, actually I ‘m making two points, 1. Casual is not a dirty word, as far as money goes casual players spend the same amount if not more than competitive players, I.E. Some guy wants every deck/army just because he loves his game, not for any other reason. 2. Other games. Here’s a hard one for some to understand, if I ‘m into one game and I ‘m really good at it and have spent years crafting my skills and emptying my wallet, you’re going to have a difficult time to convince me to jump into a new one and that has two reasons why no is a common answer for it as well.1 If I want to get into a new game that can also be a money sink ,I want the best Deck/Army I can get and spend all the time to get great at it. 2. But what if I don’t want to be competitive, well here’s the thing, after playing this one game for a long time putting time and money into it,  I just don’t have time or money for a new hobby , because in order to be good at it I would have to stop playing the game I love to learn a new one, and why would I do that? So before you go on  a rant about how the game you play is the best, just remember that everyone feels the very same about the game or games that they play, game to game, you don’t have to defend what you do, we all know you love it, we love ours as well, that’s why we are gamers. Peace Love and Game On ~Jody

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Coastal Assault 2014

Here is the first big event of the year that SMG members normally go to.  This group that runs it comes to our events and they do a great job at running theirs.  So lets all get together on this and have a big SMG show out.

Coastal Assault 2014 - Jan 24th & 25th 
Ft Walton Beach, FL

This year there will be events on Friday night as well as the tournament on Saturday.

On Friday night, there will be

40k Kill team Zombie Apocolypse - 20 pts
Warmachine Grinder - 9 pts
Heroclix tournament
Star Trek Attack Wing tournament

Saturday will be the big day with both 40k and Privateer Press tournaments.

Rules have been posted here

Pre-register now for $30.

SMG Forums about the event for carpooling

40K Rules

Coastal Assault Warhammer 40k – 2014 version 1.0
Basic rules
-No Escalation
-No Stronghold Assault
-No Digital Formations
-No Codex or Digital material released in December 2013
-Digital Characters from Advent Calendar will be allowed
-Army size is 1999 points or less, using ONE (1) standard force organization chart.  (Please note that the army size limit is 1999, it is NOT 1999+1)
-Allies are allowed based upon the allies matrix in the Warhammer 40k 6th edition rule book.
-Fortifications are allowed.
-Special characters are allowed.
-Warlord traits are allowed.
-Each player must bring a total of THREE (3) tactical markers based on 40mm bases.
-All models MUST be WYSIWYG.
-The Warhammer 40k 6th edition rules and all relevant GW Errata and FAQs will be used.
-A Codex or supplements must be out for at least 30 days.  Any codex or supplement released in January will not be used at this year’s Coastal.
-The following FAQs (in addition to the FAQs posted on GW’s website) will be used to resolve additional rules disputes:
-Bay Area Open (most current version).
-Forge World/Imperial Armor units/army lists are not allowed, though the models may be used to represent a unit from their codex.
-You must provide your own rulebook, codex, dice, templates, pen/pencil, calculator, tape measure, and any other items required to play.
-Coastal Assault Judge’s rulings are final.
-The Judge’s reserve the right to remove any player for cheating and/or poor conduct.  This is a game.  It’s supposed to be fun.  Don’t be a dick.
Army lists
-You must use the same army list throughout the tournament.
-You must bring SIX (6) copies of your army list (one for each opponent, one for the judges, and one for yourself)
-Army lists must be legible.  An Army Builder print out is preferred.
-All missions will use the Random Game length format.
-All missions will have THREE goals.  It will be possible for both players to achieve some goals.  This will be noted on each scenario.
-All missions will have a total of 6 bonus points available.  It will be possible for both players to achieve some of the bonus points.
-First round pairings will be randomly determined.  All subsequent round pairings will be based upon W/L and total battle points.
-When time is called, all games are to end.  There will be no extra time given.  Do not start a round if both players can’t finish the round.
-Each scenario will be worth a total of 24 battle points.   (Note:  each scenario will also have up to 6 bonus points available as well)
-Each mission objective will be worth a number of battle points as specified by the scenario.  The player with the most battle points will win the scenario.
-Victory points will be used to break any ties.
-Painting will be judged and scored separately from the tournament for the Best Painted Award.  It will not be used to determine Best General.
-Sportsmanship will be scored using the Adepticon Sportsmanship model (i.e. there is a total of 5 points available for each round, a total of 20 points for the tournament).  Players who give out a large number of negative sportsmanship scores will have their marks questioned by the judges and will be required to explain their marks.  The judges reserve the right to nullify/modify sportsmanship marks that are deemed to be against the spirit of the scoring system.

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Warhammer 40k Stronghold Assault Article Review and Play tested by SMG's Chaos Pat

Okay, so last time I reviewed escalation, so I suppose it only makes sense that the next article is about stronghold assault, yeah? For the purposes of this review, i'm only covering new things that make a large impact on the army you take. Lets discuss the elephant in the room, the macro cannon. This thing is a huge amount of points for just a building, but it is nearly immune to normal anti-tank fire, since it is av15 and gives minus one on the building damage chart. It also sports a macro-cannon, which can shoot two d-blasts, or one very, VERY, large blast, the bigger of the two has a fun rule that can blow flyers out of the air if they roll a one.

The honored Imperium is next to pointless, and the wall of martyrs defense line is about the same as a aegis line, so we won't discuss those. The vengeance weapon batteries and the firestorm redoubt work almost exactly the same, so we will cover them together. Either one of them can take a punisher gatling cannon, which is a heavy twenty heavy bolter, sounds awesome until you notice that it is fired at bs2, the quad lascannons are awesome, and they reliably give you two lascannon shots a turn that have skyfire and interceptor, but the best option in my opinion is the battlecannon, which cares not for the terrible bs2, and with the points cost, you can effectively bring the firepower of two lemen russes for the price of one.

The skyshield landing pad got a nifty upgrade that it can buy. The upgrade allows you to start a flyer on the table turn one, the only downside is that the flyer must be able to hover, and the flyer can only hover for turn one, which means you loose the benefit of being a flyer. I think this upgrade is not useful for most flyers, since it opens them up to the standard enemy anti-tank firepower.

The prometheum relay pipes are good if you run lots of flamers, since if you stand still you can give the flamer the torrent special rule. Void shield generators are the absolute best option in this book, in my opinion at least, while not very intimidating on their own, they truly shine when taken in a void relay network, which allows you to take three generators, so long as you also take a prometheum relay pipe as well.

One generator gives you a 12" bubble that effectively acts like a transport for your units, so long as one of the three the av12 shields is still functioning, but when you have nine of these shields, it takes almost all of your opponents firepower to bring down the shields, and this is speaking from experience.

My final thoughts on this book would have to be that it is very good, better than escalation from a competitive standpoint, and if a T.O allows this book in a tournament, i'm always going to bring a void relay network, or a couple of vengeance weapon batteries, depending on what army I bring.

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Animosity - A Gamer's article about Gaming/Gamers - by MTGJody

I have been gaming since I was old enough to hold a joystick, my first gaming system was given to me on Christmas of 1978 when I was six, it was a sears telegames system aka Atari 2600,being too young and living in south in that time, there wasn’t much exposure to video games in my age group, so let’s just say it was love at first sight, before my next console I got a taste of arcade games and was hooked as well, and I didn’t notice the derogatory words and attitudes until I was about ten or eleven, you see kids when I was younger there wasn’t first person shooters or big budget sports games, there was just games; good or bad that’s all we had, so it seemed at least from my perspective that when you got past a certain age, that still playing video games was considered childish, and you got called every put down you can think of, mostly by bigger kids that were more athletic or didn’t get it, people we not as open minded as they are now, and I know I ‘m using video games but this really did and does apply to all games, video, paper minis etc. People just like criticizing others, it’s just something that’s human nature, and now that I have your attention I’m going to get to the point of this article.
    Currently I play, video games, magic the gathering, board games , and sometimes I see animosity not only from one group to another, (Card vs. Mini etc) but unbeknownst to others outside of any gaming group there can be attitudes between players in and out of game, player skill vs. luck is a big issue with animosity and bragging, but not only that but misunderstandings that shouldn’t even exist, for example; I am not the best at the games a play, I know this but I do my best, and that should be enough, also if you have a game you play and your passionate about that game it doesn’t mean you have to be defensive about your hobbies, when I tell someone I can’t afford to play another game I ‘m not just talking about money, it takes a great deal of time and effort to learn a new game, I ‘ve been playing magic for over eight years, that means I have a lot of time invested in that game, doesn’t mean I ‘m the best and I certainly don’t act that way, that being said our hobbies ARE expensive no matter what you play, for every argument of heard that one’s more than the other, I’ll say I know someone who has all tier one decks for magic or if not all most of the armies for war hammer or war machine, your hobbies can and will be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be, so from my ten year old self getting teased for playing games, let’s all just get along, maybe play some pathfinder and learn to have fun, cause after all, that’s why we play games in the first place. Game on ~ Jody

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SMG Hinkel's Pre Heresy Imperial Fist Army Music Image Video

Here is SMG Hinkel's Pre Heresy Imperial Fist Army This is a music image video of several battles that this army has faced.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

And We Shall Know No Fear !!!!!!

My Pre Heresy Imperial Fist fear nothing, not Chaos super heavies, not Escakation, not Stronghold Assault, not Forgeworld, nothing.  The Emperor Protects!!!!

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SMG - Battle Report - Escalation, Stronghold Assault, & Zone Mortalis Warhammer 40k

SMG tested Escalation, Stronghold Assault, and Zone Mortalis today, and we had a blast. Each person had 3000 points and this was a fun match up we played. We have this in HD now so make sure you change the Youtube video quality

Sunday, December 15, 2013

SMG tested Escalation, Stronghold Assault, and Zone Mortalis today, and we had a blast.

SMG tested Escalation, Stronghold Assault, and Zone Mortalis today, and we had a blast. Pics are located int he link below and a video battle report will be up in the next day or 2

All the pics are located at our facebook page -

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Episode 7 SMG - Escalation, Stronghold Assault, and SMG plans for 2014

Well we made it past episode 6 woohoo, it is getting easier and easier to put these out with our new software, so you will see more podcast in 2014. In this episode we talk about Escalation, Stronghold Assault, and the 2014 plans for the club. So stay tuned, subscribe, and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.

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Warhammer 40k Escalation Article Review and Play tested by SMG's Chaos Pat

So, escalation is out, and everyone says the sky is falling, but the people that are saying this have not tried it out yet, but i have. Escalation as a whole is a very good supplement, and it adds a moderately competitive edge to less than spectacular armies such as orks and tyranids.

All the imperial guard tanks are amazing for their points value, the ork and chaos super heavy are okay for how much they cost, the tau super heavy is terrible, the tyranid and space marine ones are good, the eldar and dark eldar one is amazing, and the necron ones are generally average across the board,  but just like a landraider they still die to melta guns. I want to stress that point, EVERY SINGLE SUPER HEAVY WILL DIE TO MELTA GUNS, on average taking about 6-9 melta shots to kill the ground based ones, and autocannons will glance all but the imperial guard tanks to death.

D-weapons are not as broken as people think. Sure, each weapon that has them will kill 1-2 units a turn, but considering how much these units cost, they need to kill that many to be cost effective.
The average non-deathstar unit is about 200pts, so that means for the most part every super heavy will need to kill a unit a turn, consistently, for two and a half turns to earn its points back. Thats a major accomplishment if one of those survives past round two against a smart player.

Another fun fact is your opponent gets an amazing warlord trait table if you use a super heavy, which has all sorts of options that make super heavies cry.

I believe with all my heart that tournaments need to use escalation, why? because many armies can get a 2+ re-rollable invuln unit in thier army, which is virtually unkillable with most armies, but d-weapons kill it without a sweat, sure we trade one evil for another, but superheavies can at least be killed, quite easily.

So in conclusion, D-weapons are overrated because the points cost of the model they are on is ridiculous, super heavies die to melta guns and being glanced to death,
tournaments should allow escalation, and they are generally all overpriced and not worth their points, this includes the revenent titan. The closest ones to being cost effective are the guard tanks, but even then would you rather have one baneblade, or a squad of leman russes?

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Episode 6 SMG - Where we have been, Macnarbs, Gamers N Geeks, and RPG's

In this episode me and Carl are talking about where we have been for the past month and half, Interviews - 1. We talked with Greg from Macnarbs Gaming about his Halloween Party and future events and the store. 2. We talked with Malicious Unity at Gamers N Geeks about their events and what their club is about. 3. We talked with SMG's RPG Mod Brandon and Malicious Unity's RPG mod about role playing games that are in right now and what they are running.

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Wanting to make a Pre Heresy Army? here is a list of what can be used and not used

As you all know i am huge into the Pre Heresy time , so after alot of research I came across this and it would help people who may in the future want to make a Space Marine Legion or Imperial Army that fits the Fluff.  So my Imperial Army Guys may be getting a couple old MK1 Rhinos i have for fluff lol.  Enjoy everyone.

Pre-Heresy. (source: Imperial Armour II, Index Astartes, Collected Visions)
Probably also in use with Imperial army during this period (source: Imperial Armour II)

Post-Heresy. Introduced M.36 (Source: Imperial Armour II)

Land Raider
Pre-Heresy. (source: Imperial Armour II, Index Astartes, Collected Visions)
Also available to the Imperial Army during the Great Crusade (source: Imperial Armour II, Index Astartes)

Land Raider Proteus
Pre-Heresy. (source: Collected Visions)

Land Raider Achilles
Pre-Heresy. Inroduced late Great Crusade(source: Forgeworld)

Land Raider Helios
Post-Heresy. Introduced M38 (Source: Imperial Armour II)

Land Raider Crusader
Post-Heresy. Introduced M39 (Source: Imperial Armour II)

Land Raider Redeemer
Post-heresy. Developed after M39. (Source: Codex Space Marines 5th Ed.)

Predator Destructor
Pre-Heresy. (source: Imperial Armour II, Index Astartes, Collected Visions)
Probably also in use with Imperial army during this period (source: Imperial Armour II)

Predator Annihilator
Post-Heresy. Introduced M.36 (Source: Imperial Armour II)

Baal Predator
Pre-Heresy. Early Great Crusade, only used by the Blood Angels as they did not pass the STC on to the Mechanicum. (Source: Index Astartes, Imperial Armour II)

Pre-Heresy. (Source: Collected Visions, Novels - Fulgrim, The Primarchs - 'the Lion')

Heresy-era. Early Heresy period (Source: Apocalypse expansion)

Land Speeder
Pre-Heresy. Introduced late in the Great Crusade. (source: Imperial Armour II, Collected Visions)
Also in use by the Imperial Army during this period (Source: Imperial Armour II)

Land Speeder Tornado
Pre-Heresy. Introduced late in the Great Crusade. (source: Imperial Armour II, Collected Visions)

Land Speeder Typhoon
Pre-Heresy. Introduced late in the Great Crusade. (source: Novels - Prospero Burns)

Land Speeder Tempest
Post-Heresy. Introduced M.38 (Source: Imperial Armour II)

Pre-Heresy. (Source: Collected Visions, Imperial Armour Vol. II, Novels) 

Furioso Dreadnought
Pre-Heresy/Heresy Era. (Source: Codex BA)

Contemptor Dreadnought
Pre-Heresy/Heresy Era. (Source: Collected Visions, Forgeworld)

Pre-Heresy. (Source: Collected Visions)

Attack Bike
Pre-Heresy. (Source: Collected Visions)

Imperial Jetbike
Pre-Heresy. (Sources: Collected Visions, Codex: Dark Angels)

Jetbike Attack 'Chariot'
Pre-Heresy. (Source: Collected Visions)

Pre-Heresy. (Source: Novels)

Pre-Heresy. (Source: Collected Visions, Novels)

Caestus Assault Ram
Pre-Heresy. (Source: Imperial Armour 10)

Post-Heresy. Introduced M35 (Source: Index Astartes, Codex Sisters of Battle, Imperial Armour Vol. II)

Post-Heresy. Introduced M.36 (Source: Index Astartes Vol. II)

Leman Russ
Pre-Heresy. (Source: Imperial Armour I, Novels - Legion, Mechanicum)

Leman Russ Executioner
Pre-Heresy. (Source: Imperial Armour I)

Leman Russ Vanquisher
Unknown. Introduced some point before M.35 (Source: Imperial Armour I)

Leman Russ Conquerer
Post-Heresy. Introduced M.38 (Source: Imperial Armour I)

Leman Russ Annihilator
Post-Heresy. Based on the Predator Annihilator design (Source: Imperial Armour V)

Leman Russ Punisher
Post-Heresy. 'Recent' Imperial design (Source: Imperial Guard Codex)

Unknown, probably pre-Heresy. It 'may' pre-date the Leman Russ (Source: Imperial Armour VI?)

Post-Heresy. Based on components used during the Great Crusade, but not produced until long afterwards (Source: Imperial Armour V)

Pre-Heresy/Heresy-era. (Source: Collected Visions)

Pre-Heresy. (Source: Collected Visions, Novels - Legion)

Pre-Heresy/Heresy era. (Source: Collected Visions)

Pre-Heresy/Heresy era. (Source: Collected Visions)

Pre-Heresy/Heresy era. (Source: Collected Visions)

Likely Post-Heresy. Developed on a 'lost' Forge World which was rediscovered (Source: Imperial Armour Apocalypse 2nd ed)

Pre-Heresy/Heresy-era. (Source: Collected Visions, Novels - Fallen Angels)

Pre-Heresy/Heresy-era. (Source: Collected Visions)

Pre-Heresy/Heresy-era. (Source: Collected Visions)

Pre-Heresy. (Source: Novels - Legion)

Testudo APC
Pre-Heresy/Heresy Era. (Source: Novels - Fallen Angels)

Condor Assault Carrier
Pre-Heresy/Heresy Era. (Source: Novels - Fallen Angels)

Post-Heresy. Introduced M40. (Source: Epic:Swordwind)

Probably Pre-Heresy. May pre-date the Imperium itself (Source: Imperial Armour 7)

Possible Heresy-era. Probably introduced during the Scouring (Source: Imperial Armour 7)

Blood Slaughterer
Pre-Heresy origins. Early variants developed by the World Eaters from standard Dreadnoughts(Source: Imperial Armour 7)

Mechanicus Ordinatus
Pre-Heresy/Heresy Period (Source: Epic:Space Marine, Novels - Fallen Angels)

Castellan Pattern Rhino
Pre-Heresy, unique to the Iron Warriors Legion. Useable as a mobile bunker (source: Angel Exterminatus)

Tekton-pattern Rhino
Pre-Heresy. (source: Calth that Was)

Rhino Advancer
Pre-Heresy. (source: Know No Fear)

Bullock Pattern Jetbike
Pre-Heresy. (source: Brotherhood of the Storm)

Scimitar Pattern Jetbike
Pre-Heresy. (source: The Horus Heresy: Betrayal)

Javelin Attack Speeder
Pre-Heresy. (source: Massacre)

Thunderstrike Assault Gun
Pre-Heresy, possibly unique to the Iron Warriors Legion. (source: Raven's Flight, Angel Exterminatus)

Sicaran Battle Tank
Pre-Heresy. (source: Massacre)

Mastadon Heavy Transport
Pre-Heresy. (source: The Primarchs, Fear to Tread)

Spartan Assault Tank
Pre-Heresy. (source: The Horus Heresy: Betrayal)

Typhon Heavy Siege Tank
Pre-Heresy. (source: The Horus Heresy: Betrayal)

Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer
Pre-Heresy. (source: The Horus Heresy: Betrayal)

Pre-Heresy, in use with Imperial army during this period. (source: The Horus Heresy: Betrayal)

Bloodhammer super-heavy assault carrier
Pre-Heresy (source: Betrayer)

Pre-Heresy. (source: The First Heretic)

Pre-Heresy. (source: Corax-Soulforge)

Storm Eagle
Pre-Heresy. (source: The Horus Heresy: Betrayal, Fear to Tread, Angel Exterminatus)

Pre-Heresy. (source: A Thousand Sons, Betrayer)

Shadowhawk gunship
Pre-Heresy. (source: Corax: Soulforge)

Pre-Heresy. (source: A Thousand Sons)

Harbinger Assault Craft
Pre-Heresy. (source: Tales of Heresy)

Horta RV Local-Space Shuttle
Pre-Heresy. (source: Brotherhood of the Storm)

Cargo 9 escort cutter
Pre-Heresy. (source: The Outcast Dead)

Lotus Fighter
Pre-Heresy. (source: A Thousand Sons)

Pre-Heresy. (source: Fulgrim)

Firelance Interceptor
Pre-Heresy. (source: The Outcast Dead)

Deathbird Interceptor
Pre-Heresy. (source: Tales of Heresy)

Hawkwing Interceptor
Pre-Heresy (source: Fear To Tread)

Raven Fighter 
Pre-Heresy (source: Flight of the Eisenstein, Nemesis, Fear To Tread)

Gyrfalcon Fighter
Pre-Heresy. (source: Betrayer)

Wraith Starfighter
Pre-Heresy. (source: Shadows of Treachery

Fury Starfighter
Pre-Heresy. (source: Shadows of Treachery

Apis Bomber
Pre-Heresy. (source: A Thousand Sons)

Castellan Bomber
Pre-Heresy. (source: Tales of Heresy)

Corsair Bomber
Pre-Heresy. (source: Prince of Crows)

Avenger Strike Fighter
Pre-Heresy. (source: The Horus Heresy: Betrayal)

Jackal Gunship
Pre-Heresy. (source: Legion)

Fire Raptor Gunship
Pre-Heresy. (source: Corax-Soulforge, Massacre)

Also the Malcador, Minotaur and Salamander Command/Scout are now definitely Pre-Heresy (Malcador from the Horus Heresy: Betrayal, Minotaur from Know no Fear) and the entry should be edited to reflect this.