Sunday, April 28, 2013

SMG's Magic The Gathering Dragon's Maze Pre-Release at Jak's by JodyMTG

Midnight Magic Dragon’s maze pre-release, was a crazy event, over 50 players crowded the tables, right after the Friday night magic tournament (which I also played in)ended around 11pm,we started with our special guild booster box that included the guild you picked(mine was Azorius,which is Blue white and more control) and a paired guild that matched a color in your picked guild at random(mine was Boros which is Red & White and more about cheap creatures swinging them and burn spells).You also received a pin from your guild and 4 dragons maze booster packs to make a 40 card deck in the six booster pack sealed tournament that happens at every pre-release for magic the gathering. It went three rounds and then they cut to the top 8 players till there was only one winner, if you love magic check out the next event that is available, ill see you there!

The Saturday Pre-release event started at 1pm,much like the Friday event, with the exception of close to 70 players ,again we were given our special box that had two guild packs and four dragon maze packs to build the best 40 card deck we could,(I went five colors),I fought for 5 rounds and only lost one match gaining me the top 8,that is three more rounds, I made it to the finals, something I am proud of, after the event was over we started a draft tournament and had a blast, all in all the day of magic lasted around 12 hours from 1pm to 1am,this kind of event only happens once every four months, so always make the best of it!

Your friendly neighborhood magic player,
Jody Kight.

AKA Jodymtg on the SMG forums.

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