Saturday, September 7, 2013

Space Marine Release Unboxing from South Mississippi Gamers

Here we have a video box opening of some of the new items from the Space Marines


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  2. Good, informative video! I guess I'll be buing this RG FW decal after all...

    I'll watch the battle report with interest.

    I am waiting for my first order (Vanguards, codex) myself, but as primary Eldar player I can only justify it with a discount. Should arrive from Krakow soon ( I'm from Poland).

    Only starting Raven Guard and Raptor armies so it will be a pleasure to see someone building something and hopefully borrow an idea or two.

    You are right about the shoulder pads - green is definetely for the tacticals, but since the Index Astartes none GW/FW book shows them with those colours. Still we can always built a 4th company force so the green is used regardless of the justification.
    Maybe HH - Book Three will give some suggestions even if it is about heresy era RG.

    Good posters in the background BTW - Imperial Armour IX or X, or both?

    Regards Endobai