Friday, December 27, 2013

Coastal Assault 2014

Here is the first big event of the year that SMG members normally go to.  This group that runs it comes to our events and they do a great job at running theirs.  So lets all get together on this and have a big SMG show out.

Coastal Assault 2014 - Jan 24th & 25th 
Ft Walton Beach, FL

This year there will be events on Friday night as well as the tournament on Saturday.

On Friday night, there will be

40k Kill team Zombie Apocolypse - 20 pts
Warmachine Grinder - 9 pts
Heroclix tournament
Star Trek Attack Wing tournament

Saturday will be the big day with both 40k and Privateer Press tournaments.

Rules have been posted here

Pre-register now for $30.

SMG Forums about the event for carpooling

40K Rules

Coastal Assault Warhammer 40k – 2014 version 1.0
Basic rules
-No Escalation
-No Stronghold Assault
-No Digital Formations
-No Codex or Digital material released in December 2013
-Digital Characters from Advent Calendar will be allowed
-Army size is 1999 points or less, using ONE (1) standard force organization chart.  (Please note that the army size limit is 1999, it is NOT 1999+1)
-Allies are allowed based upon the allies matrix in the Warhammer 40k 6th edition rule book.
-Fortifications are allowed.
-Special characters are allowed.
-Warlord traits are allowed.
-Each player must bring a total of THREE (3) tactical markers based on 40mm bases.
-All models MUST be WYSIWYG.
-The Warhammer 40k 6th edition rules and all relevant GW Errata and FAQs will be used.
-A Codex or supplements must be out for at least 30 days.  Any codex or supplement released in January will not be used at this year’s Coastal.
-The following FAQs (in addition to the FAQs posted on GW’s website) will be used to resolve additional rules disputes:
-Bay Area Open (most current version).
-Forge World/Imperial Armor units/army lists are not allowed, though the models may be used to represent a unit from their codex.
-You must provide your own rulebook, codex, dice, templates, pen/pencil, calculator, tape measure, and any other items required to play.
-Coastal Assault Judge’s rulings are final.
-The Judge’s reserve the right to remove any player for cheating and/or poor conduct.  This is a game.  It’s supposed to be fun.  Don’t be a dick.
Army lists
-You must use the same army list throughout the tournament.
-You must bring SIX (6) copies of your army list (one for each opponent, one for the judges, and one for yourself)
-Army lists must be legible.  An Army Builder print out is preferred.
-All missions will use the Random Game length format.
-All missions will have THREE goals.  It will be possible for both players to achieve some goals.  This will be noted on each scenario.
-All missions will have a total of 6 bonus points available.  It will be possible for both players to achieve some of the bonus points.
-First round pairings will be randomly determined.  All subsequent round pairings will be based upon W/L and total battle points.
-When time is called, all games are to end.  There will be no extra time given.  Do not start a round if both players can’t finish the round.
-Each scenario will be worth a total of 24 battle points.   (Note:  each scenario will also have up to 6 bonus points available as well)
-Each mission objective will be worth a number of battle points as specified by the scenario.  The player with the most battle points will win the scenario.
-Victory points will be used to break any ties.
-Painting will be judged and scored separately from the tournament for the Best Painted Award.  It will not be used to determine Best General.
-Sportsmanship will be scored using the Adepticon Sportsmanship model (i.e. there is a total of 5 points available for each round, a total of 20 points for the tournament).  Players who give out a large number of negative sportsmanship scores will have their marks questioned by the judges and will be required to explain their marks.  The judges reserve the right to nullify/modify sportsmanship marks that are deemed to be against the spirit of the scoring system.

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