Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Cost Of Casual - A Gamer's Series article about Gaming/Gamers Part 2 - by MTGJody

So I’m going to use Magic the Gathering (MTG from now on in the article) as an example because its what I know best from my own point of view, but I know many people who play other games that are at a similar price range over time so we are going to go with MTG.
When I started playing magic I bought booster packs(15 random cards one rare, three uncommon,11 commons) , now these run around four dollars plus tax, and when you first start out that’s fine, but after a while it adds up, you see when someone is new to a game and doesn’t exactly know what to get or even how to play correctly ,they can and most times with no guidance spend more money, more  than even competitive players spend. Example: Currently the most expensive deck in standard( The current popular format that rotates out every 16 months or so) cost about 800 dollars, which is the average price of the top tier deck in that format, in Legacy( The eternal format that usually only gains cards and has few banned cards) is normally around 1,500-3000 dollars, now that might seem steep but just read a little more,im about to blow your mind with knowledge, its actually cheaper to buy a legacy deck because in the long run the expensive cards stay that way, the expensive cards in the standard format are few that do that, now the point if this article is the cost of casual, and to get to that point I had to explain all of that so you could understand if you’re not a MTG player.

Back to when I started playing for the first few years, I bought an average of  12 boosters every two weeks so annually I was spending at least 1,000 a year in just boosters, not counting special products, I don’t spend anywhere near that anymore, not because I just play competitive I play casual now, but I buy smarter, I don’t regret the way I did it because I built up a nice collection over the years. I am making a point, actually I ‘m making two points, 1. Casual is not a dirty word, as far as money goes casual players spend the same amount if not more than competitive players, I.E. Some guy wants every deck/army just because he loves his game, not for any other reason. 2. Other games. Here’s a hard one for some to understand, if I ‘m into one game and I ‘m really good at it and have spent years crafting my skills and emptying my wallet, you’re going to have a difficult time to convince me to jump into a new one and that has two reasons why no is a common answer for it as well.1 If I want to get into a new game that can also be a money sink ,I want the best Deck/Army I can get and spend all the time to get great at it. 2. But what if I don’t want to be competitive, well here’s the thing, after playing this one game for a long time putting time and money into it,  I just don’t have time or money for a new hobby , because in order to be good at it I would have to stop playing the game I love to learn a new one, and why would I do that? So before you go on  a rant about how the game you play is the best, just remember that everyone feels the very same about the game or games that they play, game to game, you don’t have to defend what you do, we all know you love it, we love ours as well, that’s why we are gamers. Peace Love and Game On ~Jody

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