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Blood Angel Army Details - 7th Edition - Warhammer 40k

Blood Angel Army Special Rules:
Furious Charge
FOC Changes:
HQ: Librarian Dreadnought
Troops: Tactical Squads, Scout Squads
Elites: Death Company, Dreadnoughts (Death Company and Furioso), Command Squad (Honour Guard are gone)
Heavy Support: Baal Predator
Baal Strike Force Detachment:
Mandatory 1 HQ, 1 Elite, 2 Troops
Optional: as usual, but 3 additional Elite slots (Total 4)
Special Rule: +1 Initiative when charging, all the army, any turn.
Warlord Traits: 
1. Red Rampage: Warlord gets Rampage.
2. Speed of the Primarch. Warlord gets +1 Initiative.
3. Artisan of War: One of the warlord's weapons is mastercrafted.
4. Soulwarden: Warlord gets Adamantium will.
5. Descent of Angels. (Dante's trait)
6. Heroic Bearing: Warlord has a 12" Fearless bubble.
Psychic Powers:
Primaris: Blessing. +D3 to Attacks and Initiative to Psyker or target character at 12”.
1. Malediction. Target unit at 12" takes a Moral test with -2 penalty.
2. Blessing. Target unit at 18" gets Rage. If they had already that rule, they get +1 Attack instead.
3. Blessing. Psyker and his unit get 5++.
4. Focussed witch fire. Target makes 2 Toughness tests. Take one Wound for each failed test. If target dies, place 5" blast with S4 and AP5.
5. Beam. 12" S8, AP1 Lance
6. Blessing. Target infantry unit, moves 12" in the psychic phase. No charging after this movement.
1. One jump pack that allows the bearer and his unit re-roll when Deepstriking and when other units Intercept must fire Snapshots. Cost: 25 points.
2. Gives Fear, and fear tests are done with -2 Leadership. Cost: 10 points.
3. One item that gives an additional warlord trait strategic table. Cost: 15 points.
4. One physic weapon +2S, AP4, bearer may re-roll 1s in the psychic phase. If rerolled die is a 1, bearer takes one wound. No saves allowed. Cost: 10 points.
5. One Master-crafted plasma pistol, that does not get hot. Cost: 25 points.
6. One AP2 power sword. Cost: 25 points.
• Dante: LoW. Eternal Warrior. Axe is +2S, AP2, Mastercraft, and strikes at Initiative. No longer unlocks Sanguinary Guard as Troops.
• Seth: LoW. Lost his special attack, but now does +1 hit for each 6 to wound.
• Mephiston: HQ. WS6 BS5 S5 T5 W3 I5 A4 L10 2+ Special Rules: Furious Charge, Independent Character, Fleet, And They Shall Know No Fear, Hypnotic Trance: Roll 2D6 in a challenge. If you roll equal to or above their Leadership Mephiston hits on a 2+. Warlord trait: Admantium Will. Level 3 Pskyer w/ unique blessing giving him S10. Sword is AP3. Points: 175
• The Sanguinor: Pretty much the same with a 4++. Rerolls to hit and to wound rolls in challenges. Not an Independent Character.
• Sanguinary Priest: HQ. Independent Character. The unit joined gains +1WS and Feel No Pain. Can buy a Bike, but no longer has access to Terminator Armour. Points: 60
• Corbulo: HQ. Grail gives all units within 6” +1 WS and +1 Initiative. Not cumulative with the standard chalice. 3 wounds. Cost: 120 points.
• Lemartes: Can only join Death Company and takes an Elite slot.
• Tycho: No longer ignores armour saves. Combi-melta can no longer use special ammo.
• No new units. Terminators and Librarian are separate kits.
• No access to Storm Talon or Centurions.
• Tactical Squad: Usual options from Codex: Space Marines plus new options. They do have access to Flakk missiles.
• Furioso. Same cost as before. Blood Talons are +10 points.
• Reclusiarchs and Honour Guard are gone. Honour Guard replaced by Command Squad.
• Vanguard Veterans cannot assault after Deep Strike.
• Death Company: Furious Charge, Fearless, Relentless, Feel No Pain, Rage. Cannot reroll to wound rolls if a Chaplain is in the unit (that is now Astaroth’s ability). No options for Terminator Armour. WS dropped to 4. Jump Packs are +3 points per model.
• Blood Chalice: +1 WS and Feel No Pain. No longer a bubble just affects the unit.
• Rhinos, Razorbacks, and Baal Predators are Fast.
• Predator Annihilator/Destructor can upgrade to Fast for +10 points.
• Land Raider: No longer a Dedicated Transport.
• Tactical/Sternguard Squad: Gain access to Heavy Flamer (max 2 per unit).
• Sanguinary Guard: 33 points per model. Glaive Encarmines are still mastercrafted. Max unit size is 10.
• Terminators: Access to a banner which allows reroll of failed morale and pinning tests within a 12” bubble.
• Bike squads have access to grav-guns.

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40K EVENTS: Redstone Rumble 2014 - The Video Interviews


Redstone Rumble 2014

The Video Interviews

by SMG Hinkel

SMG Wargaming went to Redstone Rumble 2014 this year and Hinkel did some interviewing after each match. They were all great opponents and we had a blast. See y'all again next year at Redstone 2015.


Sunday, November 30, 2014

DA HINKEL'S HUT: Episode 2 -How to make a Custom Ork Void Shield Generator - A SMG Wargaming Series - Warhammer 40k

Custom Ork Void Shield Generator
By SMG Hinkel
an SMG Wargaming Article

     So after just not wanting to buy an OOP void shield generator, I decided to just build one.  So I called up one of my buddies who owned one of these bad boyz and got the dimensions.  The bottom is a bastion tower and the void shield is about the same height as one as well.  So I will try to break down on how I did this the best I can, but if you have any questions please let me know.  I will also have all the links to were I got everything.  Enjoy and "Keep Calm and WAAAGH!!!"

FYI - There is a Video at the end also showing what I did. 

Thinks you will need:

Battery /USB Plasma Ball -



Popsicle sticks from any hobby store

The skulls I got from walmart in the halloween section

  • Prime white the areas I planned on painting yellow
  • Then Spray Army Painters Daemonic Yellow over the white once dry
  • Prime black the bastion Tower metal pieces
  • Spray Army painter plate metal on the black areas once dry
  • Rough cut up and glue Popsicle sticks to the top of the bastion tower as shown in the pics
  • Wash the wood areas with Army Painter Strong tone
  • Wash Metal and yellow areas with Citadel Seraphim Sepia
  • I painted the Plasma ball black area with a Walmart brand - Apple Barrel - 21482 Bimini Blue
  • Popsicle sticks around the Plasma ball were done in Citadel Moot Green
  • Citadel Troll Slayer Orange was used in random areas
  • Apple Barrel - 21482 Bimini Blue was used in random areas.
  • 4x AAA Batteries

Here I added Citadel Seraphim Sepia to the metal and yellow areas and Army Painter strong tone wash to the wood areas.

 Here I took Popsicle sticks and just broke them around the plasma ball to give a rough look and painted them moot green.  I painted the Plasma ball black area with a Walmart brand - Apple Barrel - 21482 Bimini Blue

 And here is the finished product minus a few grots and a mek boy I am adding

Friday, November 28, 2014

DA HINKEL'S HUT: Episode 1 - A SMG Wargaming Series - Warhammer 40k

Da Hinkel's Hut Episode 1

by Da Hinkel

Keep Calm and WAAAGH!!!

Da Hinkel is starting a Video Blog today for the SMG blog that he will put out weekly. He does a lot of 40k talk and hobby stuff but but he sucks at this will be easier for him to get more content out to you all. Might even do some video blogs when his friends come over, LOL.

 The series will be called Da Hinkel's Hut - a SMG Wargaming Series.


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Leviathan and Venomthrope/ Zoanthropes Now Up for Pre-Orders and other items

This Week's Releases

Zoanthropes/ Venomthrope $66
Shield of Baal: Leviathan $74.25
Venomthrope/Zoanthrope Web Bundle $132

Ultimate Paint Set $560
Citadel Project Box Web Bundle $403.90
Invasion Swarms: Tyranids Painting Guide $33
White Dwarf Issue 42 $4

Warhammer 40,000 Special Edition Case $105
Warhammer Special Edition Case $105

Macragge Blue Water Pot and Bitz Box $17
Caliban Green Water pot and Bitz Box $17
Mephiston Red Water Pot and Bitz Box  $17
The Fang Water Pot and Bitz Box $17

Citadel Project Box $66
Citadel Cutting Mat $15
Citadel Palette Pad $8

via Games Workshop
A major tendril from Hive Fleet Leviathan pushes through the cold void towards the Shieldworlds of the Cryptus System. Loathe to abandon a key territory – especially one so close to the Blood Angels’ home system of Baal - the forces of the Astra Militarum and Adepta Sororitas prepare to defend the region with their lives.

Presented in a deluxe slipcase, this two-book set is brimming with all-new Warhammer 40,000 content.

Book one is a 152 page narrative book containing:

• A wealth of background describing how the Cryptus System became embroiled in conflict
• A blow by blow account of the key events of the invasion and the major battles
• Descriptions of famous regiments that took part in the conflict including their background, colour schemes and heraldries
• Brand new artwork showing the planets, space stations and environments found within the Cryptus System

Book two is a 64 page rulebook that enables you to play games set during the invasion of the Cryptus System:

• 6 new Echoes of War missions to test your mettle
• Cities of Death rules for fighting games of Warhammer 40,000 amongst the war torn streets of destroyed cities
• 6 Cities of Death missions and 36 tactical objectives
• Rules for Death From The Skies, allowing you to include fighter aces in your Warhammer 40,000 battles 
• New Tyranids detachment rules and Warlord Traits to represent the composition of the forces of Hive Fleet Leviathan
• New Datasheets for the Mucalid Spore Cluster, Zoanthrope Brood, Maleceptor, Toxicrene, Tyrannocyte, Sporocyst and Mucolid Spore
• 6 new Tyranids formations

This product is available only while stocks last, and has been printed in only in English.

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40K HOBBY TIPS: How to Make Custom Decals


How to Make Your Very Own
Custom Decals

by Thorgrim Bloodskull

Editor's Note: SMG has a new blog contributor! Please welcome Thorgrim Bloodskull 
to our humble roster of 40K authors. 

Greetings fellow hobbyists, Thorgrim Bloodskull here with a tutorial on how you can make your own custom decals.
Have a Space Marine Chapter of your own creation? Do you want custom decal  iconography for the shoulders, vehicles, terrain or whatever? Read on.

What you will need:

                Computer with Power Point
                Inkjet Printer (Must be ink and not laser)
                Decal transfer paper ( I use Testors from Hobby Lobby, don’t forget that 40% off coupon)
                Decal  Bonder Spray (again, Testors)
                Stock images for use.

First thing you’ll want to do is find a simple image. We are working with 28mm scale minis so the image needs to be small; a small image needs to be simple or when you print it the detail will be lost.

Once you have got your image you’ll want to get the size right. I did this using Microsoft’s Power Point.You’ll want to shrink it about as small as you can using the image resize function. The Aquila’s I used for my Knights of Terra chapter where around .13” x .34” while terminator sized ones where around .2”.

Print one of each size you intend to use on plain white paper then cut and size it to make sure it will fit your intended space. Just one Testors sheet can provide a lot of logos. After insuring the first logo will fit what I copy and pasted it again and again and lined them up in a neat row. You will want to make the logo is sideways (as you’re viewing on PP) because the sheets are not quite 8.5x11. For this reason, you’ll want to copy and paste the image both along the X and Y axis to make sure you are not wasting the decal paper.

Ok, so you have got your image scaled correctly (did some dry runs on plain paper to ensure fit and image clarity) and now ready to print the decal sheets. (A word on printing: ensure you change borders, headers, footers and all that to 0”). Ensure to follow the instructions on the packaging and place the paper in the appropriate direction for your printer.

Print your decal with confidence and let the ink dry overnight.

Using the bonding spray (again, ensure the ink is dry) spray several (I do four) thin layers of the bonding spray. Make sure it is dry in between sprays. Depending on temperature and humidity it can effect drying time but remember to spray, let dry, and then repeat. You will want to ensure that you spray beyond the edges of the paper because the spray is what is sealing your image; you’ll know very quickly if you missed a spot when you cut the decal out and dip it in water. Spray this stuff outdoors because it has a strong odor.

Now you’re ready to rock and roll and apply your decal. I like to use Micro Sol and Micro Set for aid in smooth decal application (follow instruction on the bottle)

I've added some images of the process and how they looks on a few of my Knights of Terra Space Marines as well as a link to my powerpoint file.

Please follow me on Instagram @ThorgrimBloodskull

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SMG - Episode -14- Warhammer 40k - Redstone Rumble Before, During, and Aftermath Coverage

In this episode we talk about our trip up, list, rules, people at the event, the missions, future stuff with the staff from Redstone, we had special guest from Southern State of 40K podcast "Jake and Justin" on here. Sorry if we missed anything but this was our longest podcast yet. PS: Heretic Steve is a terrible person for the month of October lol.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

SMG Wargaming Podcast - Episode -13- Warhammer 40k - Redstone Rumble

In this episode we talk about Restone Rumble, the past events we have had at Jak's and maCnarB Gaming, and a Special Chat about Heretic Steve...Misunderstood or Terrible Person? lol

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40K HOBBY TIPS: How to Paint Chaos Spawn


Painting Chaos Spawn

South Mississippi Gamers

Got some Spawn to paint? Not sure where to start? Well, that can be a problem with Spawn because there is no traditional way to paint them because they are Chaos personified, meaning that they can take almost any shape or color. Chaos Spawn are the ultimate painter's playground since you can literally color them any which way you so desire.

That all being said I can imagine some people are just interested in getting their Spawn painted and done. They don't have time or patience to dream up the ultimate, fun paint job. Or maybe some people just lack the confidence or skills to make their models look good? For all of those people they are in luck here and I present to you this painting article. Just follow the steps and you are on your way to painting up some good looking spawn for your army. These painting steps are not difficult and will paint a Chaos Spawn in a relatively quick amount of time once you get it down. The finished models won't win any contests but they will be painted fairly well.

You might ask about Marks of Chaos on your spawn and painting the Spawn the corresponding God colors? Glad you asked, here is my take on it. Look through the Chaos Space Marine Codex and find me the rule where it says your spawn has to be a certain color to represent a certain Mark of Chaos? Go ahead, but yeah, you won't find it. Sure, fluff wise you might want to do that and that is fine. But for rules purposes you can have a polka dot purple and yellow Spawn and slap any Mark of Chaos you wish on him.

This article explains how to paint red Chaos Spawn. If you want another color then just substitute the red colors for the corresponding colors that you want. I use Citadel colors and if you do too then here is a helpful link for the paint conversion between old and new Citadel paints. For those of you using another company's paints then here is a useful full conversion chart.

Full disclosure here, the author thinks of himself as an intermediate to somewhat experienced painter. He's no pro and he isn't going to be winning any painting contests. The purpose of this article is to get some Chaos Spawn done fairly quickly and painted to a tabletop, or better, type of quality.

Let's get started.

Assemble the model, base it and prime black.

I will assume everyone is capable of doing these things and will move on to the next step.

Paint the body with Mephiston Red (aka Mechrite Red)

Paint the entire body a rich red, including limbs and the head but not horns, weapons or other bony things. It is ok if you get red on other parts because you will color over them later. Mechrite red is a great layer and it goes on easy and thick. I haven't used the new Mechrite Red (called Mephiston Red) yet but I assume it is a layering color also. It really doesn't matter, just use a rich, kind of darker red and you will do fine for the base layer.
STEP 2. Paint the body parts a rich red.
Black wash.

It's time to slather the model with a black wash. I used Nuln Oil (aka Badab Black). Put the wash on good and thick and get in into all those crevices - Chaos Spawn have lots of them! We are, of course, just washing the areas painted red and not the black areas.

Painter's Tip: Shake washes before you use them.

STEP 3. Generous amount of black wash applied.
Drybrush Blood Red (aka Evil Sunz Scarlet)

Get out that old, reliable drybrush because you will be giving it a good workout. Give the body, and all those red parts, a good drybrushing of a colorful red.

STEP 4. Drybrush with a colorful red.
Drybrush Blazing Orange (aka Troll Slayer Orange)

OK, next drybrush the same areas but this time with a bright orange. This will bring the red 'to life' and brighten it up. The model will end up looking a bit orange-red and in bright light it will probably look orange like in the picture I made for this step. You can adjust how bright you want your model to be by controlling the amount of orange you dry brush onto it. Again, don't worry about getting paint on black parts.

Beginner's Tip: When a drybrush starts to look frayed it is just entering it's prime!

STEP 5. Drybrush with a bright orange

Paint the horns and bony parts Ushabti Bone (aka Bleached Bone)

Time to start painting the peripheries. Anything that looks like smooth bone, fangs, teeth, talons, claws, etc. go ahead and paint it a bleached bone color. Chaos Spawn also have those long, curved bony like appendages with lots of bumps and detail - leave those black. I will have another step for those later. In the picture you can see the bone-like appendages I am talking about as I left them black.

STEP 6. Paint horns/bones/etc. bleached bone.
( Ignore right wing, it has red wash on it. Oops. )
Red wash the bony parts.

Easy step, put a heavy red wash on the parts you just painted with bleach bone. Don't worry about mistakes as red wash on the body will blend into the chaos-ness of the model. I used Carroburg Crimson (aka Baal Red) for my wash.

STEP 7. Red wash the bone paint.
Drybrush the red washed bony parts with Ushabti Bone (aka Bleached Bone)

Using Ushabti bone again, give a drybrushing to all the bony parts you washed with red. This will give a gnarly, bloody appearance to the bone for a creepy look. You can drybrush the white heavier if you prefer a whiter bone rather than a bloody look.

A little white getting on the body from the drybrushing is fine, it can look natural on Chaos Spawn. But if you get to much white on them you can touch it up with red and it will look fine. The natural chaos-ness of Spawn lends itself to being very forgiving with mistakes.

When you are done drybrushing you can add some red wash along the base of the bony parts where they come out of the body. This will give it a more bloody and interesting look. It's up to you and you can always just drybrush back over the wash if you don't like it.

STEP 8. Front view - drybrushed bony parts.
STEP 8, pic 2. Rear View - drybrushed bony parts.
Drybrush fleshy parts between the bones with red.

See those fleshy parts in the wings, toes and on some other bony appendages? Drybrush them lightly with a red and make them appear raw and bloody. A lighter drybrushing makes it look even more sickly. Or you can just put some red wash on the fleshy parts for a quicker, but duller result.

STEP 9. Drybrush fleshy areas red.
Try for a lighter drybrushing than in the pic, I think it is too red.
STEP 10.
Drybrush the bony appendages with Ushabti Bone (aka Bleached Bone)
and apply red tips.

Apply a medium drybrushing to the bony 'appendages' to give them a grungy, dirty look. This method allows a lot of detail to be shown with all the bony bumps and shapes on the appendages. When you get a look that you like I recommend you put a blood red tip on each appendage to give it both a visually appealing and a dangerous look.

STEP 10. Drybrush bony appendages with bleached bone.
STEP 10, pic 2. Apply blood red tips for a dangerous look.
STEP 11.
Paint the eyes yellow and apply black 'pupils' if needed.

Some Spawn will have little eyes, some have medium eyes and even others sport giant eyeballs. Using a yellow color paint the eyeballs if you can. If the eyes are very small then just put on some paint where the eyes are while purposefully getting it around the eyes so to (hopefully) make a 'glowing' eye effect. For my yellows I use either Golden Yellow (Yriell Yellow) or Sunburst Yellow (Flash Gitz Yellow) but any yellow should do the trick. Orange is also a color you can use for eyeballs but it tends to blend in with the red body.

When the eyeball dries go ahead and paint black pupil slits on the eyeballs, like a cat's eye. Hopefully this will give your Spawn a predatory look. If the eyeballs are very large try painting multiple pupil slits for a weirder look.

Beginner's Tip: Yellow is often a hard color to work with and you might have to use more than one application. Patience is the key.

STEP 11. Paint those eyeballs yellow and apply pupil slits.

STEP 11, pic 2. Large eyes with multiple pupil.
Not sure if I like these eyes, I might need to practice with eyes some more.
STEP 12.
Paint any paraphernalia like weapons.

Some Spawn arms come with weapons or other stuff on them. Paint them however you wish.

STEP 12. For the axes I used snakebite leather, mournfang brown and ironbreaker.
Then I applied a black wash and reapplied the colors afterwards as needed.
STEP 13.
Paint and flock the base.

Finish up the base however you like and then BAM! Done Chaos Spawn.