Sunday, January 12, 2014

Exocrine / Haruspex Magnetization – by SMG's Kuro Sogekihei

With the Tyranids finally entering the 6th edition octagon, one of their newest kits offers two solid choices: the plasma proficient Exocrine and the mighty munching Haruspex.  Luckily, the kit is very straightforward and easy to magnetize.

Tools used: 
hobby knife, flat edged sculpting tool (chisel edge), pin vise with 1.5mm bit, side edge clippers, super glue, wood glue
Magnets used: 
5mm x 2mm, round        x5
3mm x 2mm, round        x4
3mm x 1mm, round        x1
1.5mm x 1mm, round     x1

Step 1:  Assemble the tail, lower body, legs, arms, and heads as per the instructions.  The bits all fit together nicely and required only minor attention before gluing.  The upper body / carapace and chimneys can be assembled, but do not glue it onto the lower body yet. 

Step 2:  Determine how you are going to place your magnets.  I chose to base my magnets off the center point of the Exocrine’s neck, as this seemed like it would be the more difficult piece to work with. 

After dry-fitted the assembled heads and lower body pieces together taking note of where the magnet would need to sit, I used a chisel-edged sculpting tool to carve a recess into the interior of the lower body to increase stability. 

I used the large magnets (5mm x 2mm, round)  for the neck/heads as they are the most prominent and somewhat weighty on their own.  

Step 3:  After double checking and dry-fitting a couple dozen more times, I carved a small groove in the lower interior part of the Exocrine’s weapon, large enough to seat about half of the magnet and just deep enough so that the magnet would rest flush with the plastic of the lower body when fitted.  Immediately upon gluing, I ‘wet-fit’ the head into the neck area to ensure the magnet would rest flush. 

For the Haruspex head, I merely had to chisel a recess at the correct spot; just deep enough to ensure a flush fit to the neck.

Step 4:  With the hard parts out of the way, all that remains are the arms and tail.  The tail bit is thin, so take care not to make too deep a recess for the magnet.  I used a thin magnet ( 3mm x 1mm, round ) here.  Within the tail itself, I drilled a 1.5mm hole and embedded a 1.5mm x 1mm, round magnet.

Step 5:  I used my side edge clippers to cut away about 1mm of the interior of the arm sockets to provide a flat surface to glue the magnets.  I used the large 5mm x 2mm magnets here as well.  Once these magnets are secured, the upper body / carapace may be glued in place.  

Step 6:  I used my 1.5mm bit to start the holes in the arms then carved the hole to fit the 3mm x 2mm round magnets.  Once large enough, I simply pressed the magnets flush with the arm.

* To further secure each magnet, I always add a dab of either wood glue or thin super glue to fill any gaps as necessary.

Congratulations!  You now have a fully interchangeable Exocrine / Haruspex model.  I spent around 2.5-3 hours working on this kit.  

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