Monday, March 10, 2014

S.M.G. Tournament Report Coast Con 2014

Hey guys AArdvark85 here! This past weekend, South Mississippi Gamers hosted our first major tournament in conjunction with the 37th Annual Coast Con Sci-Fi Convention at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center! We were located just off site at the Quality Inn on Beach Blvd in Biloxi MS. Our banquet room over-looked the beach which made for a very unique venue. We had a 2000 point 40k tournament and a 35 point Warmahordes Steam Roller tournament.  There were 26 Warhammer 40k players and 18 Warmachine/Hordes players. I was the T.O. for the 40k Event and Hinkel was the T.O. for the WarmaHordes. From a T.O. perspective I think things went pretty well! Every game started on time, we finished on time and were able to leave within about 30 minutes of handing out the awards! Everyone seemed to have a great time. I think the key to our success was preparation. We had a few terrain building days and Justin was a life saver with his tournament software program! Chaos Pat, who was the Head Judge for the 40k tourney, and Kevin, who was the primary Press Ganger for the WarmaHordes event, made sure the games flowed smoothly and rules questions didn't bog down the event. Greg from MacNarbs Gaming provided quite a lot of prize support and we were able to hand out amazing prizes for both systems.  The 40k event came down to a very exciting game between Carter from Emerald Beach Wargamers playing his Venom based Dark Eldar list and Johnny from South Alabama Wargamers with his Ovesastar Tau list. Carter was able to eak out the victory over the Tau! I want to thank everyone who participated in the event and we hope to see you back! Also thanks to the wonderful ladies who helped us staff the event! You know who you are and you rock! We hope to turn this event into a full two day event like Wargamescon or the Nova Open so check out the photos and come see us next year! And yes it was as fun as it looked!

One of the Warmahordes tables!
Johnny and Carter set up for the final game
Here are your Warmahordes Winners! Matthew, John and Jon!
Alan and Heretic Steve deploy!
The Nids are stalking around!
An over view of the 40k Area
Warmahordes guys fighting it out!

Carter picking up his prize for 1st Best Overall Warhammer 40k!

Kim, Noelle and Liz holding down headquarters!

Lorissa selling the snack and t-shirts!
Hinkel and Justin working on the scores!

AArdvark85 enforcing the rules!

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