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SPACE WOLF WATCH 2014: Week One and Two Releases


Week One & Two

Weekly Space Wolf Rumors and Releases.

by Uktena
South Mississippi Gamers
Astra Chaos Wolf

The following is a collection of rumors and confirmed items complied from various 40K blogs like BOLS, Faiet 212, Space Wolves Blog and Warseer. The sections entitled 'Just the Facts Ma'm' or 'Rumors' are not the work of the author or SMG. The commentary is, of course, all original!


The Space Wolf Flyer players have always wanted is finally here!
As a Space Wolf player there is one phrase I've always heard over and over again until I was sick of hearing it: " Space Wolves fight with their feet on the ground just as Russ intended. " To that I say poppy-cock! I always thought give a Blood Claw a sleek, fast, aggressive fighter craft and he would go nuts with it. He wouldn't give a wolves butt what that old fuddy elder would have to say about it. And now we have proof from GW that Space Wolves do indeed fly and fly they do in style and with aggression.

Just the Facts, Ma'm.

Stormfang Gunship
This multi-part plastic kit makes one Stormfang Gunship. It is equipped with a helfrost destructor that runs along the length of its fuselage. This formidable weapon is designed to freeze the target to absolute zero in an instant. The two side sponsons can be equipped with a choice of twin-linked heavy bolters, skyhammer missiles or twin-linked multi-meltas. On the hull you can either mount two stormstrike missiles or replace them with twin-linked lascannon.

The Stormfang has one access point at the rear of its hull that functions as a transport for up to six Space Wolves. There is also an abundance of iconography including shields, pelts and hanging chains which can be used to customize your Stormfang Gunship.

This multi-part plastic kit makes one Stormwolf . This deadly assault vehicle has an access point at the front of its hull and it functions as a transport for up to sixteen Space Wolves. It is equipped with a hull mounted twin-linked lascannon and a turret mounted twin-linked hellfrost cannon - a formidable weapon designed to freeze the target to absolute zero in an instant. The two side sponsons can be equipped with a choice of twin-linked heavy bolters, skyhammer missiles or twin-linked multi-meltas.

There is an abundance iconography including shields, pelts and hanging chains which can be used to customise the Stormwolf to suit the unit it is transporting.

" Only the Space Wolves can put some engines and oodles of guns on a flying brick, bling it out Wolf style, and make it look great! "

Stormfang/wolf Bundle Deals!
Three flavors for the rich and not so rich!

Space Wovles Armored Assault. $735
This all-plastic collection includes: 6 Stormfang Gunships (which can also be assembled as Stormwolf assault vehicles) , 20 Blood Claws, 20 Grey Hunters and 10 Wolf Guard Terminators. No price break.

Space Wolf Squadron $162
This all-plastic collection includes: 2 Stormwolf assault vehicles (which can also be assembled as Stormfang Gunships).  No price break.

Storm Wolf and Wolf Guard Terminators $131
This all-plastic collection includes: 1 Stormwolf and 5 Wolf Guard Terminators. No price break.


Rejoice Wolf Brothers! Lots of things happening this week for the Sons of Russ!

Space Wolf Datacards $8
Seven psychic power cards, and 36 tactical objective cards. We saw them with the Ork Codex so we knew this was a going to be a new trend. I like this trend. Sure, I hate it when a company just invents stuff to make us buy more crap we really don't need but in this case, I need it. Not only do we get the new codex psychic cards (very convenient) but we get objective cards to enhance our maelstrom games. Say what you will about Maelstrom games, I personally like them. You just have to check your ego at the door and accept the fact that in a random, fluid game you should just concentrate on having fun with your friends instead of always playing to win.

Space Wolf Dreadnought Kit $54
OK, we enter into the realm of awesome here if you are a Space Wolf nut like me. This kit gives you the ability to make either Muderfang, Bjorn or a Venerable Dreadnought. Right off the bat that is great news. Also would you look at the Wolf bling on these things! When you see these on the table there is NO mistake that they are Space Wolves. Like most SW players I've come to love the Wolf bling and this kit nails it - Very Pleased! 

The new Bjorn rules looks like he is getting a buff (see info in the below codex rumor section). The Venerable Dread looks like he is coming with a frost axe and storm shield option! Yes, you read that right, a storm shield on a dreadnought! This here is the answer to our prayers for keeping a drop podding dread alive longer than one or two rounds. This model might be allied into drop pod armies a lot. I envision my updated Space Wolf army with at least one, maybe two, storm shield venerable dreadnoughts!

Murderfang, did you read that right? Yep. Those crazy Wolves and their lovable names. Anyway, take a look at the rumored rules for this unique dreadnought below and be blown away! He is indeed a murder machine. Only problem is that he doesn't have the storm shield option, dang it! When I drop pod a dreadnought it will most likely have to be the venerable dread for better survival. But wow, Murderfang looks fun!

Check out my Murderfang Rules Review at: Astra Chaos Wolf Murderfang Rules Review

Note: The following should still be considered rumors right now.

Just the Facts Rumors, Ma'm.

Crazy-awesome special character Venerable Dreadnought
Wolverine + Dreadnought + Extra Insanity = Murderfang
WS5 BS3 S6 F12 S12 R10 I4 A4 HP3
'Murderclaws' with underslung Storm Bolter and Heavy Flamer
Special Rules:
Furious Charge
It Will Not Die
May take a Drop Pod
'Murderclaws' - A pair of enormous, even for a Dreadnought, Lightning Claws made of 'alien ice that never melts or loses sharpness'
S7 AP2 - Melee, Master-Crafted, Shred, Specialist Weapon

UPDATE: This is NOT a rumor. From: grotorderly

Holy Space Wolves, Wolfman! 135 Points!?!? 
This guy is a damn steal!

Click the pic to see it bigger.

Venerable Dreadnought
Venerable Dreadnought
Definitely has an option for a Helfrost Cannon
Can also have an enormous Power Axe and Storm Shield, said to look incredible.
Some special rules, but didn't get them

2014 Codex Watch. 
I checked the GW website and the 5th Edition Space Wolf Codex is now no longer sold as of July 26th. It might have gone missing a day or two earlier but I didn't look at the website then. This is good news for an impending new codex! Per-orders could start showing up sooner than later.


SPACE WOLF CODEX:  $49.50 (for most of us)

Codex Space Wolves Long Fang Edition $180 (for those of us with really good jobs)
boxed two volume set with accessories- online only

Codex Space Wolves Wolf Guard Edition $250 (for those of us with money to throw around)
boxed three volume set with accessories- online only

Space Wolf Codex Cover
Latest Codex Rumors!
This is from the Warseer blog from someone whom claimed to see the new codex for a short amount of time. Warning, long posting below. Ingest with a grain of salt.

Rumors, Rumors, Rumors!

General Information about Codex: Space Wolves
Sagas are out, replaced with Warlord Traits
6 new Space Wolves Tactical Objectives
New Space Wolves Psychic Discipline: Tempestas (Source didn't get any actual rules though)

'Space Wolves Unleashed' Detachment FOC:
Identical to standard FOC, except may take up to 6 HQs
May re-roll Warlord Traits
Each unit joined by an Independent Character rolls a d6, on a 6+ that unit gains Outflank. Troops choices get +2 on this roll.

Great Company Formation:
1 Wolf Lord
1 Wolf Guard Battle Leader
1 unit of Wolf Guard
5 units of Grey Hunters
1 unit of Wolf Scouts
5 units chosen from [Blood Claws, Swiftclaws, or Skyclaws]
2 units of Long Fangs
Grants two special rules, source did not get them

Space Wolves Relics
Armor of Russ (Armor)
Bite of Fenris (Bolter with two fire modes)
Black Death (Frost Axe, Rule: Whirldwind of Death)
Helm of Durfast (Wargear)
Fangsword of the Ice Wolf (Frost Sword)
Wulfenstone (Wargear)

Logan Grimnar - Lord of War
Epic new model, comes with a sort of grav-chariot called 'Stormrider' pulled by two enormous Fenrisian wolves, but he can be used without it as well.
Stormrider - Points = Land Speeder + 20
Treated as a vehicle, didn't get AVs, has a 4+ Invulnerable save and cannot suffer Penetrating hits (all Pens are reduced to Glances).
Gives Logan 4 S5 Ap- attacks on a turn when he charges.
Logan loses Deep Strike if he takes Stormrider
Lots of other cool rules, but didn't get those.

Njal Stormcaller
No new model shown in codex
Looked to be mostly the same, no specific information

Ragnar Blackmane
No new model shown in codex
Also looked to be mostly the same, no specific information

Ulrik the Slayer
No new model shown in codex
Also looked to be mostly the same, no specific information

Canis Wolfborn
Again, looked to be mostly the same, no specific information

Harald Deathwolf
The resin Thunderwolf Cavalry character model assigned a name
Didn't get the rules/stats.

Bjorn the Fell-Handed
Epic new plastic model, part of a box that makes a regular SW Venerable Dreadnought, Bjorn, or a new special character Dreadnought named 'Murderfang'.
No longer becomes a VP objective when he dies.

Wolf Lord
Mostly the same, no specific information.

Rune Priest
Mostly the same.
Specifically noted as starting at Mastery Level 2.
No other information.

Wolf Priest
Mostly the same, no specific information

Wolf Guard Battle Leader
Mostly the same, no specific information

Blood Claws Pack
12 points per model
Wolf Guard Leader upgrade available
May take a Stormwolf as a Dedicated Transport
No other information

Lukas the Trickster
No specific information, probably the same.

Grey Hunters Pack
14 points per model with a Bolter and Bolt Pistol
Any model may add a Close Combat Weapon for +2 points
One Special weapon per full five models still, but costs raised to same as C:SMs
Wolf Guard Upgrade available
May take a Stormwolf as a Dedicated Transport
No other information

Not sure, but might have an option for a Helfrost Cannon
Otherwise similar to old codex, no other information

Iron Priest
No new model shown in codex
Options appeared to be nearly identical to old codex, probably a couple points changes though
Can take a unit of 1-5 Servitors, rules also looked the same as old codex
No other information

Lone Wolf
Rules nearly identical to old codex, didn't get points cost
Owning player no longer gains a VP if they die
No other information

Wolf Guard Pack
This unit is just for Wolf Guard in Power Armor.
Same cost per model as before
Have a similarly wide array of options as in the old codex, couldn't get specifics though
May take a Stormwolf as a Dedicated Transport

Wolf Guard Terminator Pack
May take a Stormwolf as a Dedicated Transport

Arjac Rockfist
Mostly the same, no specific information

Wolf Scouts
No info. But in the codex

Swiftclaw Pack
-5 points per model from old codex
Otherwise similar to old codex, no other information

Skyclaw Assault Pack
-3 points per model from old codex
Otherwise similar to old codex, no other information

Thunderwolf Cavalry
-10 points per model from old codex
Otherwise similar to old codex, no other information

Land Speeder Squadron
Same as Codex: Space Marines

Fenrisian Wolf Pack
Nearly identical to old codex, no specific information

Long Fangs Pack
Couple of new options for squad leader, who is now called a 'Long Fang Ancient'
Source did not get if they had an option for Flakk Missiles
Might be able to take a Stormwolf/Stormfang as a Dedicated Transport, not sure about this though
Otherwise nearly identical to old codex, no other information

Same as Codex: Space Marines

Same as Codex: Space Marines

Same as Codex: Space Marines

Land Raider and variants
Same as Codex: Space Marines

Rhino and Razorback
No Helfrost Cannon option for the Razorback, same as Codex: Space Marines

Drop Pod
Same as Codex: Space Marines

Notable Exclusions from Codex: Space Marines
No Stormtalon
No Storm Raven
No Hunter or Stalker
Space Wolves AA options: Stormwolf, Stormfang, ADL gun emplacement, and Allies

My Take on the Codex Rumors.
Wow. Well, take it all with a grain of salt I say. There is a lot of info there, some sobering, some fantastical and some spot on for the current codex balancing trend.

Until next week, lets hope it will be as busy as this one, Wolf Brothers!

Visit the author's blog at: Astra Chaos Wolf

Check out my Murderfang Rules Review at: Astra Chaos Wolf Murderfang Rules Review

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Bay Area open 2014 - 40k Winner's List: White Scars plus Knight and the Top 15 Rankings

Steve Sisk is the BAO 2014  40k Champion
 He took White Scars Bikers with a Knight Ally

Here is a run down of Steve Sisk’s list.
Kor’sarro Khan [125]
+ Moondrakkan [25]
= 150
• Command Squad [100]
+ Company Standard [15]
+ 3× storm shield [30]
+ power fist [25]
+ Space Marine bikes [35]
+ Apothecary [15]
= 220
Chapter Master [130]
+ Space Marine bike [20]
+ The Shield Eternal [50]
+ digital weapons [10]
+ artificer armour [20]
+ thunder hammer [30]
= 260
4 Space Marine Bikers [84]
+ 2× grav-gun [30]
+ Biker Sergeant
+ combi-grav [10]
+ melta bombs [5]
+ Attack Bike [45]
+ multi-melta [10]
= 184
4 Space Marine Bikers [84]
+ 2× meltagun [20]
+ Biker Sergeant
+ combi-melta [10]
+ melta bombs [5]
+ Attack Bike [45]
+ multi-melta [10]
= 174
4 Space Marine Bikers [84]
+ 2× meltagun [20]
+ Biker Sergeant
+ combi-melta [10]
+ melta bombs [5]
+ Attack Bike [45]
+ multi-melta [10]
= 174
4 Space Marine Bikers [84]
+ 2× plasma gun [30]
+ Biker Sergeant
+ plasma pistol [15]
+ melta bombs [5]
+ Attack Bike [45]
+ multi-melta [10]
= 189
Stormtalon Gunship [110]
+ Skyhammer missile launcher [15]
= 125
Knight Errant
= 370

1,846 points

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Ork 40k Community WAAAAGH!!!!! New Facebook Group

There wasn't an Ork Community, on Facebook. so i went ahead and made one to connect with these people. Yall spread the word and help it grow everyone. thanks

Here is a place were we can talk about ork fluff, tactics, list, models, conversions, anything at all dealing with Orks.

Join the Community and helps the Green Tide Grow

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Sly Marbo: Missing In Action

Marbo: Missing In Action (Still)

by Uktena
South Mississippi Gamers

Where in the galaxy is Sly Marbo?

Where, oh where, has Marbo gone? Sly Marbo is an Imperial rockstar and he has been Missing In Action since the Astra Militarum codex hit. Is he protesting the name change? Is he on some super secret mission? Did he retire and start collecting a pension? Get married and move back to Catachan to start a family? Did he finally meet that bullet that had his name on it? Or is he on an extended R&R from the front lines? The most likely scenario for his absence is that Games Workshop is waiting to release him in a dataslate in a brazen attempt to pocket more money from us. As much as I hate dropping money for dataslates/codex supplements I think GW knows all too well that we Guard players love our boy Marbo and we will be willing to pay to get our man back into our ranks.

When SMGWargaming did our podcast for the Astra Militarum codex I had predicted that Marbo would soon return to us in a dataslate. Well, that dataslate is still not here and I am wondering why? It is much too early to pronounce Sly as a K.I.A and I've read exactly zero rumors about him getting a dataslate soon but GW has thrown us some surprises from out of the blue before. What I have seen is some speculation that a Catachan codex supplement might be produced and that Marbo would be included. But this too is just speculation.

Let's do some speculating and crystal ball'n.
OK, since speculation is all that we have lets give it some thought. What are the most popular Guard armies? Cadian is number one, after that the field is a bit wide open. GW has released new Guard armies for just about every edition - Mordian Iron Guard, Armageddon Steel Legion, Catachan Jungle Fighters, Death Korps of Kreig, Praetorian Guard, Tallarn Desert Raiders, Valhallan Ice Warriors and Vostroyan First Born. In the past some supplements for these armies had been produced, I know of and personally own the Catachan and Steel Legion (Armaggedon) supplements. Other supplements may be out there that I don't know about and I am sure that they are.

What does this mean? It means we have a precedence of Guard supplements for at least two armies, one being Catachan (which Marbo made an appearance in). This would bolster the idea that we might get a Catachan supplement some time in the future. And if we did, and no Marbo dataslate has appeared, I think we can safety make the assumption that Marbo will be in it.

Marbo's epic career through the editions.
Although I am not 100 percent certain, I do believe that the 3rd Edition Supplement: Codex Catachans was Marbo's debut into the 40K Universe. I started my 40K career at the beginning of 4th and so I was able to find a copy of this codex still available on the shelf at the FLGS.

The codex itself is great, even by today's standards, with a sweet color showcase in the middle of the book along with tips on how to make your own jungle terrain. There is even extra rule sections on jungle terrain, jungle fighting, ambushes and b(.)(.)by traps - all of which is still relevant for narrative games of 40K

On the third to last page, under Colonel Straken, is Sly Marbo. Besides this first incarnation of Marbo has also appeared in the 5th Edition of the Imperial Guard Codex. So let take a look at how he changed through the years.

Catachan Codex (3rd Ed.)

135 points. Is a Sniper choice for a Catachan army.

WS 5 BS 4 S 3 T 3 W 3 I 4 A 3 Ld 10 Sv 5+

Wargear: Ripper pistol, envenomed blade, demolition charge, frag & krak grenades.

Special Rules: Sniper, Ripper Pistol, Envenomed Blade, Always Operates Alone.
May Move: Used the Sniper rules where he can disappear after moving and then secretly move only to reappear later using the new Ambush rules in the Catachan Codex.

Bottom Line: Marbo was a sneaky ninja that disappeared and reappeared to ambush as long as nobody could draw a line of sight to him (or was in thick jungle). So yeah, he was Rambo as long as he had line of sight blocking terrain or jungle to fight in. His points cost was too much to bear if not fighting in such Catachan perfect conditions.

Imperial Guard Codex (5th Ed.)

65 points. Is an Elite choice.

WS 5 BS 5 S 3 T 3 W 2 I 5 A 4 Ld 7 Sv 5+

Wargear: Flak armor, ripper pistol, envenomed blade, frag grenades, melta bombs, demolition charge.

Special Rules: Fearless, Stealth, Move Through Cover, Hit and Run, Fleet, Loner, He's Behind You.

Bottom Line: Got a little more buff and a lot more maneuverable than his first incarnation. His point drop made all the difference, making him a cheap S8 AP2 large blast suicide bomber that would make your opponent sweat while he second guessed himself knowing that Marbo was waiting on the sidelines.

Predictions of a future Sly Marbo.
About the only thing I am willing to predict about Sly's future is this: we will see him again and before the year is out or early next year. Stats wise Marbo's 5th edition persona still shines as a strong template for even the current edition. Yes, he is too weak to survive for long once he hits the table but he has the potential to punk opponents stronger than himself which is always fun.

What would I like to see with a new Marbo? Well if he comes with a Catachan supplement he may have ambush rules again or at the very least some new jungle rules like having Shrouded in jungle or tree terrain. What Marbo really needs is an Invulnerable save, I mean he one of the most valuable assets to the Imperium so give him a damn refractor field!

Some other changes that Guard players would like to see are Leadership 10, 3 Wounds (don't count on it) and I bet his Initiative goes up to 6. If you look in the Astra Militarum codex you will see that the named HQs got better. So I expect to see improvements to Marbo's stat line/rules as well.

I leave you with this: a prediction wish from left field. Marbo is a super stealthy, Imperial ninja that excels at ambush tactics so lets give him a new special rule to represent this.

Marbo: First Blood
On the turn that Marbo enters from reserves he may Assault and any wounds that Marbo inflicts during this assault have the special rule Instant Death.

Boo-yah! Gonna punk some big baddies when they fail their armor roll. Haha, yeah I know, ain't gonna happen. But we can dream can't we?

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The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault Teaser Trailer

The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault Teaser Trailer

Check out the new trailer for The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault. Choose a side in the intense civil war that erupted amongst the Emperor's Legions of Space Marines in the 30th millennium. Take on territorial conquests and battle your rivals in a fast-paced tactical setting. Be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel for more trailers and all the behind-the-scenes content you can get your hands on. Need even more? 
Visit their website www.dropassault.com 
Interact with them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/DropAssault Tweet them @DropAssault on Twitter: www.twitter.com/DropAssault

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40K Tactics: 7th Edition Tactics for the Forces of Chaos

40K Tactics

7th Edition Tactics for the Forces of Chaos

by Chaos Pat
South Mississippi Gamers

Hello everyone, it's me, Chaos Pat! Well, I recently heard that chaos marines and daemons are not competitive in this edition, well I wish someone had told me that sooner, that way I could have stopped crushing my opponents spirits with them! But in all seriousness the forces of chaos do not suck, I repeat they do not suck, they have simply become a finesse army, much like tyranids and orks, which are both deadly when used in the right hands.

Lets start with the basic principles, you are a close combat army, not a shooty army, so as many points as possible need to be dedicated to the assault phase, some will say you need something to kill transports, well close combat does that very well, especially against wave serpents since neither of their nifty abilities work in close combat (jink, serpent shield).

Next, chaos can have a stupid amount of fast moving units in an 1850 list, mine specifically has 8, all of which are good in close combat. Now lets get into the juicy details of what I think makes a good chaos army successful. Please note that these are my opinions based on my experiences playing against high level competitive players.

Take nurgle chaos spawn, as many as you can, I personally never leave home without three squads of nurgle chaos spawn, they are stupid fast, hit surprisingly hard, and are incredibly obnoxious to kill, don't believe me? Example: four wave serpents and two fire prisms fired into them, they only killed five out of fifteen, that's 1850pts of an incredibly shooty army failing to kill at least 200 of my own. They are awesome, take lots of them.

Next up is maulerfiends with lasher tendrils, these suckers are incredibly under rated, the only problem is you need to have three of them for target saturation. They are incredibly good at killing what the spawn can not, things like imperial knights, daemon princes, wraith knights, dread knights, riptides, ect.

Biker lords with ALL THE UPGRADES! Want specifics? Fine, take them with mark of nurgle, claw, fist, sigil, and a bike, those are the essentials, with this they hit hard with lots of attacks, and are durable, if you want to be even better play crimson slaughter, take daemonheart and slaughterers horns and watch as he kills everything he touches.

Biker sorcerors are good, keep 'em cheap, only give them mastery level 3, spell familiar, and a bike, this keeps them under 150pts and they add good versatility and durability through spells. Those four units are the "all stars" of the chaos marine book in my opinion, now onto daemons.

The masque is good anti-deathstar with her dances, and she it cheap, but if we are doing chaos marine primary taking her and only her instead of four heralds or a greater daemon is not the most tactically advisable option, but if you feel your army does not need the heralds or greater daemon then she should be in your list.

Heralds and greater daemons of all kinds are good, try them out to see which one you like best, i personally am a fan of the great unclean one and the herald of slaanesh, but your needs may differ from mine, so playtest to find your best fit.

Beasts of nurgle. What you think I'm joking? I'm not, they are actually really good. They got four wounds, it will not die, shrouded, and they are beasts, while they are a bit expensive, they have proven their points in any game i've played, and while they do not hit hard, they are a bear to try and kill.

Fiends of slaanesh are amazing, especially with a herald with exalted locus, they will kill just about anything in one round of combat, but they can not take a hit worth a damn, so they are the exact opposite of the beasts of nurgle.

Nurglings are actually good now, they can score, infiltrate, deep strike, have shrouded, and have objective secured, they are the best almost 50pts i've ever spent on a troop choice.

While there are plenty of other units from both books that are good, these are the units that I personally consider the best of the best, so if i were trying to make a smash face chaos list, these units would weasel their way into my list. Hopefully this helps some of you chaos players show them tau and eldar players who's boss.

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Podcast - SMG Wargaming - Episode -11- Warhammer 40k - Wolf Up

In this episode we are talking about the Ork Codex, 7th edition Tournament formats, follow up from Texas Games Con, and Club/events.

Monday, July 7, 2014

40K Tactica: The Changing Landscape of the Rune Priest

40K Tactica: Rune Priest

The Times They are A-Changin'

by Uktena
South Mississippi Gamers

Yeah, you could call it a nerf or you could call it an opportunity.
OK, for all of you whinny sissys out there crying like a girl because your beloved Rune Priest got a nerf I say this - WOLF UP!  Be a Wolf Man or look elsewhere because the Space Wolves are not the army for wussy Xenos lovers like you. If a Space Wolf should find himself with a broken weapon he does not bitch about it like a woman - he finds a way to kick even more ass!

What has changed? What the Rune Priest laments in loss.
7th Edition has heralded in some big changes for the Sons of Russ. Not in the least is the new FAQ that takes away two primary abilities of the Rune Priest. First, gone are our codex psychic powers. Yeah, that one stings a little. Goodbye Jaws of the World Wolf and Living Lightning. But you know what? We got four psychic disciplines to chose from and two of them are the good ones. We are good for battle, Brother.

What else got taken away? Our 24" 4+ nullify psychic power bubble. There is no denying that this ability was a mainstay of the Rune Priest's mass appeal and for whatever reason GW deemed this was no longer in line with what they envision 7th should be about. Alright, you can knock a Space Wolf down but he gets right back up and a dozen times more mean! Don't sweat it Brothers, adapt, and fight on.

What's new?
The Rune Priest's runic weapon (which is still Force) grants a further +1 to Deny the Witch (DtW) rolls. This means that when you also add in the +1 DtW for being a psyker then the Rune Priest Denies the Witch on 4+. Very nice. The Wolf mind is like forged steel; it is unbreakable and is not idle candy for Chaos manipulation like the weak, frail Xenos mind is.

But that's not all, we can now upgrade our Rune Priest to Mastery Level 2 for half price! This was expected as the trend for psykers (and HQ in general) has been to lessen the points cost. What is not to like? For years we kept our Rune Priests at Mastery 1 because we really didn't need to upgrade (and it was way over priced). But now Rune Priests have access to an affordable level 2 and we need that added level to increase our psychic prowess. It is pretty much a must take upgrade now.

Discipline choices.
Because we are stripped of our beloved codex powers it is no longer a given to simply take Jaws and Living Lightning and call it a day. We must now choose from some of the same core rulebook disciplines that others do. We have four choices so lets take a look.

Right off the bat we get one of the good disciplines. Biomancy gives you a 2 in 3 chance to roll one of the powers that allow you to kick butt in assault. Iron Arm, Enfeeble, Warp Speed and Endurance are the powers you want. If given one or two of these choice powers the Rune Priest will become an absolute beast when charging into glorious combat.

Only the weak choose Daemonolgy. Steer clear Wolf Brothers and be not tempted by the tricks of the Allfather's greatest enemy.

Prescience is still a force to be reckoned with in 7th, even with the Warp Charge increase. Since Prescience also gives re-rolls in assault it is valuable for Space Wolves wanting to wade into visceral combat. Most of the powers in this discipline actually have merit in combat, although half are more situational such as Foreboding, Forewarning and Scrier's Gaze. Luckilyyou will always have the choice of the primaris power and that alone is still one of the most powerful psychic powers in the game.

Some of the powers of Telekinesis have merit in battle but IMHO they do not compliment the role of the Rune Priest very well. I think you will find superior choices in Biomancy and Divination.

Building a Better Rune Priest.

Now that we know what has changed and what our discipline options are it is time to put it all together and create a kick-ass Rune Priest. One of the biggest problems with the Space Wolf codex (and it is a great problem to have) is that the HQ section has so many upgrades to chose from. Taking upgrades can add up fast so you have to be frugal and purchase only what you really need.

Mastery Level 2
First off this is the one auto take upgrade, so take it and you will have a cheap and cheery Rune Priest that will run you a buck and twenty-five cents. The FAQed price is what makes this option affordable. I highly recommend it unless you are really pinched for points.

You can stop at the mastery level upgrade and call it a day but if you want the Priest to mix it up in combat you might want to upgrade his armor. You have two choices here, Runic armor and Terminator armor. Both will make your Priest a more fearsome opponent in battle. The Priest only has 2 Wounds so it is best to protect those wounds the best that you can.

Terminator armor gives you the best value by coming with an invulnerable save and an option to upgrade to a combi-bolter for a mere five points. While the Runic armor does give you the nifty trick to nullify a damaging psychic attack on a 5+ you are far more likely to find yourself in need of an invulnerable save rather than a psychic save. What advantage the Runic armor does give you over the Terminator armor is that it is not Bulky. If you want armor I recommend the Terminator armor unless you are strapped for space in a drop pod or the Priest is riding in a Rhino.

The stock Runic Weapon is still a fitting instrument of war for a Rune Priest. It is a Force weapon with the added benefits of always wounding Daemons on a 2+ and granting +1 to DtW. Taking the Runic Weapon as an axe is a popular choice, just be careful of challenges against higher Initiative jerks that might kill the Priest before he can swing. It might be wise to have a Wolf Guard Pack Leader in the same unit to take challenges for the Priest. You probably won't do too bad by choosing the sword over an axe but don't choose the maul.

Don't forget to take melta bombs - these are super cheap and will become invaluable on the vehicle heavy 7th Edition battlefield. And don't bother with the plasma pistol or storm bolter as they are generally a waste of points. If the Priest has Terminator armor I suggest the cheap combi-bolter option for the same reason I recommend the melta bombs.

If hitching a ride or walking is not your style then consider the bike upgrade. This way the BikePriest can join a unit of Thunderwolf Calvalry and aid them on their mission of battlefield glory. Mobility is important in 7th so try not to let your Priest be caught walking across the table.

Miscellaneous Wargear
There is some quality wargear to chose from but you will have to watch your point spending or the Priest's cost can balloon out of control. That said, and if you have the points to spare, picking some of these items is not a bad idea.

Wolftooth necklace - Certainly consider the necklace if you want your Priest to be a Biomancy battle Priest. Always hitting on a 3+ in close combat, especially with a Force weapon, is like solid gold.

Wolf tail talisman - We are in unsure territory with this one because it was not FAQed. Rules as Written gives a 5+ chance to nullify psychic powers used against the unit. It says nothing about DtW rolls so the nullifying effect would be a separate roll after any DtW are made. This makes the talisman a must take for every Space Wolf unit as the effect is very powerful for the paltry 5 point cost.

Chooser of the Slain - With the removal of Living Lightning the role of shooting for a Rune Priest has decreased somewhat and Biomancy doesn't lend itself to shooting either. I think that the new Rune Priest's points are better spend elsewhere unlike before when the CotS was an almost auto upgrade. Skip it.

The Sagas
Saga of the Beastslayer - Not bad for the cost. If you are already rocking Prescience then this saga will be redundant. 7th Edition may see a small reduction in the number of monstrous creatures but T 5 foes shouldn't be to hard to find thus making this saga worthwhile to consider.

Saga of the Warrior Born - Costly but has potential. If your Priest in wading into battle with Biomancy then this saga might be worth taking. With the runic weapon powered up with Force it could rack up kills quickly and potentially hurtle the Priest into a flurry of Warrior Born bonus attacks every turn.

Roles for the new Rune Priest.
The Rune Priest's role among the ranks of his fellow Space Wolves must be reevaluated. No longer is he the guy to shoot Jaws at the enemy and make models disappear. Post-6th Edition I can envision two roles for the Rune Priest; that of the battle priest or that of the support priest.

Battle Priest
For a Space Wolf the clash of close combat is an exhilarating experience; for this is when the Wolf gene is let loose to unleash seething, unbridled rage upon the enemy prey. For this kind of Rune Priest there is only one discipline, Biomancy. When his pack charges into combat the Battle Priest will call upon his augmenting psychic abilities of Force and BiomancyThe time for the kill draws nigh.

Potential Battle Priest Builds

Battle Hardened
Upgrades: mastery level 2, terminator armor
Discipline: Biomancy
Powers you want:  Iron Arm, Enfeeble, Warp Speed and Endurance
Cost: 145

Battle Veteran
Upgrades: mastery level 2, terminator armor, melta bombs, wolf tail talisman, wolftooth necklace
Discipline: Biomancy
Powers you want:  Iron Arm, Enfeeble, Warp Speed and Endurance
Cost: 165

Battle Veteran Hero
Upgrades: mastery level 2, terminator armor, melta bombs, wolf tail talisman, wolftooth necklace, saga of the warrior born
Powers you want:  Iron Arm, Enfeeble, Warp Speed and Endurance
Discipline: Biomancy
Cost: 200

Battle Bike Priest
Upgrades: mastery level 2, bike, melta bombs, wolftooth necklace
Discipline: Biomancy
Powers you want:  Iron Arm, Enfeeble, Warp Speed and Endurance
Cost: 175

" If a Space Wolf should find himself with a broken weapon he does not bitch about it like a woman - he finds a way to  kick even more ass! "

Support Priest
This Priest lends support to his battle brethren by guiding their blows unerringly to strike the enemy. Prescience is the bread and butter of the support priest. Love it, cherish it.

I can think of a couple of scenarios where the Support Priest would shine the most. The first is by jumping out of a drop pod (or other vehicle) with a pack of Wolf Guard all armed with combi-plasma/melta. The Priest casts Prescience and Boom! Whatever unfortunate unit was targeted just got deleted from the your battlefield.

Naturally, this tactic also works well before charging into assault. Are you assaulting out of a Land Raider Crusader with a pack of  14 berserk Blood Claws? What Space Wolf wouldn't want too? Prescience makes their 56 attacks on the charge land a brutal 42 blows on average instead of only 28.

Supporting Long Fangs with Prescience is nothing new and is still a tried and true method for a Rune Priest. Protecting your Long Fangs with an Aegis Line? The Priest can man the quad gun. In a pinch a Long Fang pack with Prescience makes a poor man's anti-flyer unit as you are bound to come up with a couple of 6's when you are re-rolling misses.

Potential Support Priest Builds

Cheap and Cheery
Upgrades: mastery level 2
Discipline: Divination
Powers you want: Prescience, Precognition, Misfortune
Cost: 125

Ready for Battle
Upgrades: mastery level 2, runic armor, melta bombs, wolf tail talisman
Discipline: Divination
Powers you want: Prescience, Precognition, Misfortune
Cost: 155

Support Bike Priest
Upgrades: mastery level 2, bike
Discipline: Divination
Powers you want: Prescience, Forewarning, Precognition, Misfortune
Cost: 160

Portents of the future. Reading the Xenos bones.
Keep fighting the good battle Wolf Brothers and know that Fenris will be rising once more. A new codex could be here this fall or at the latest this winter. That is, if the current rumors pan out to have some truth behind them.

The Rune Priest was a bargain for the longest time because he came with (a then) low cost and sported a 4+ nullification bubble. To top it all off he had some powerful unique powers in Jaws and Living Lightning. Thus consequently, the Rune Priest was often considered the Cadillac of 40K psykers. But as each  new 6th Edition codex released it became more abundantly clear that the trend was towards cheaper psykers. If this trend holds true (and it should considering 7th's psychic phase makes it generally harder to manifest powers) then the next Space Wolf codex will feature a Rune Priest with a considerable point drop.

We may see the Runic Weapon get a make over but it will probably keep the awesomeness mostly intact.

An option for mastery level 3? I think not, as that level is reserved for only the most powerful psykers in the game. Also consider that Space Wolves are wary of psychic powers in the first place, so yeah, no mastery level 3 Rune Priest unless it is Njal.

Look for Space Wolf Relics to be added. I suspect to see one that will amplify a Rune Priest's psychic prowess but it probably will not be cheap. There might even be a Relic that gives the Rune Priest his nullifying bubble back. Again, that Relic will not be cheap and I predict it will be over priced.

And what about getting new codex psychic powers? I think this is a sure thing since the trend is to give each new codex unique psychic powers. Astra Militarum didn't get any new psychic powers but then again, orders can be considered a type of psychic powers if you think about it. I have no idea what new powers we might have in store but a reworking of the old powers is a good place to start. Given the Space Wolves ferocity and penchant for violence I hope to see powers that enhance the already formidable battle prowess of the Space Wolf.

The author is a member of South Mississippi Gamers and plays three factions: Astra Militarum, Chaos and Space Wolves. He is no expert at 40K and probably never will call himself such. That being said take this article for what it is, a conversation about a game that we all enjoy to play and discuss.

Please drop by and visit the author's blog at: Astra Chaos Wolf

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40k Review : Texas Games Con 2014 Horus Heresy Narrative by SMG Hinkel

Texas Games Con 2014
 Horus Heresy Narrative
 by SMG Hinkel

Well everyone, another Texas Games Con has come and gone.  This was my 3rd year and Carl's 4th year to attend this con.  This was the first year that we played the narrative, and boy did we have a blast!  So enjoy the article below and the pics that show our epic battle.

This was based off of the Horus Heresy Betrayer novel.

Day 1: We left Carl's house around...well, lets just say the sun was still a couple hours off lol.....It was a pretty good drive and we had no traffic jams and not many stops and made it in good time.  As soon as we arrived we headed to the gaming floor. "This is why I love this event."  We bump into people that we know and have gamed with before.  Also, one of the most impressive thing about this year was the amount of people who had told me and Carl that they have been watching our Youtube videos. So I thank all the viewers and subscribers out there.

SMG Wargaming Youtube
The 19th Legion Youtube

So Day 1: So the first thing we do when we get there is talk to the organizers Dan, Glen, and Mike. These guys did a great job at running the event and we thank them for that.
So me and Carl's favorite thing about this game isn't winning. "Big surprise there huh?" lol We love the story and the hobby side of it the most.  So we get permission to set up our armies on the big Apoc table to show off our armies.  This made the trip for me here. There were so many people that were taking pics and making comments about my Imperial Fist and Carl's Raven Guard.

We had kill teams, this was a good way to get us to play against some new people and play some casual games with some fellow wargaming battle brothers.  My first game was against an Imperial Guard player names Derek and we enjoyed playing against each other we jumped to different tables playing against each other.  We even tied an epic battle against our 2 leaders that killed each other in 1 vs1 combat. This was a blast and thanks for being such a great opponent Derek, we hope to see you again next year.

Day 2: The Massacre at the Wall: So on this day we had a great turn out for the event.  Team Imperium was me "Imperial Fist", Carl "Raven Guard" and Matt "Space Wolves"  against too many other armies and people for me to remember. lol But, the pics can help out with that.  I have never seen so many nicely painted armies and super heavies in my life! I bet there was easy $40,000 on  the table lol.  One army that really sticks out to me is Troy's Mechanicum Army.  This army was all Forgeworld, all painted, and was amazing.

So here is some quick info of the battle that the pics cant tell.  The Imperium Side, we knew we were going to lose, it had already been pre-written lol.  But, we were going to hold the line as long as we could for reinforcements to arrive.  Key moments that I remember: The Mechanicum Army has an ability that after 10 tanks it blows up it can take over one of our vehicles for one round.  So what do you think it took over....Yep our Reaver Titan and when they did it destroyed our Warhound Titan.....dang....that hurt a lot lol.  The the Orks run to another battle on the battle field; "FYI there are 6 tables of different battles that effect how day 3 begins.  So when the Orks leave the Space Wolves run after them just like a flashy tennis ball for a dog lol.  So D weapons are shot back and forth like no tomorrow, things are blowing up and people are dieing, just like it should be in the Horus Heresy.  But then all of a sudden, Rogal Dorn appears with a squad of terminators at the feet of one of the Warhound Titans.  It was cool, it was epic, and they assaulted the Warhound with no fear, but when the Warhoud stomped and rolled a 6......well all models were removed...lol...but since the organizers like fun and cool stuff they made it to where Rogal was stuck fighting for his life under the Warhounds foot, where he was until reinforcements arrived.  When the Imperial Guard, that were sided with the traitors, saw Rogal Dorn show up they then changed sides and fought for the Imperium, "Since Rogal is the next best thing to the Emperor." lol This helped but this battle was lost and the Wall was taken....this was a sad day for the Imperium.

Day 3 The Imperium Strikes Back: As you can see in the pics below, the Texas Games Con Narrative Team put together a nice Wall.  Well, as you can see, a lot of people get put on me and Carl's side of the table....well we had our wall breached from the day before lol...so there ya go. So here we go, me and Carl are defending the breach trying to keep people out. In the last round of the battle there was an epic 1 VS 1 between my Captain and the Librarian of the enemy in the breach.  This made it to where we were contesting the breach while our other team mates controlled the other sections of the wall.  The Raven Guard and Ultramarine's had won their fights outside the breach and consolidated into the breach and The Imperial Fist Terminators defeated Ghrazghkull Thraka and then consolidated into the breach.

So as you can see the Imperium won the game and held the wall, even being out numbered the Emperor was watching over us this day. 2 Loyalist - 0 Traitors.  FOR THE EMPEROR!!!!!!!!!!!

This was a great event and we definitely plan on coming to it again next year.

By the way, I won best painted army!!!This made me very excited since I love this part of the game.  Special thanks to by close friend and painter Johnny Smiley of Fuzzy Dog Painting and South Alabama Wargamers for painting this army for me.  This was your work here buddy and you do magic with a paintbrush and air brush.  Can't wait to see my Imperial Fist Legion grow.
South Alabama War Gamers

The link below is the rest of the pics form the event in a slide show.  We hope you enjoyed this article and don't forget to like and subscribe to us.

SMG Wargaming - Texas Games Con 2014 Album