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40k Review : Texas Games Con 2014 Horus Heresy Narrative by SMG Hinkel

Texas Games Con 2014
 Horus Heresy Narrative
 by SMG Hinkel

Well everyone, another Texas Games Con has come and gone.  This was my 3rd year and Carl's 4th year to attend this con.  This was the first year that we played the narrative, and boy did we have a blast!  So enjoy the article below and the pics that show our epic battle.

This was based off of the Horus Heresy Betrayer novel.

Day 1: We left Carl's house around...well, lets just say the sun was still a couple hours off lol.....It was a pretty good drive and we had no traffic jams and not many stops and made it in good time.  As soon as we arrived we headed to the gaming floor. "This is why I love this event."  We bump into people that we know and have gamed with before.  Also, one of the most impressive thing about this year was the amount of people who had told me and Carl that they have been watching our Youtube videos. So I thank all the viewers and subscribers out there.

SMG Wargaming Youtube
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So Day 1: So the first thing we do when we get there is talk to the organizers Dan, Glen, and Mike. These guys did a great job at running the event and we thank them for that.
So me and Carl's favorite thing about this game isn't winning. "Big surprise there huh?" lol We love the story and the hobby side of it the most.  So we get permission to set up our armies on the big Apoc table to show off our armies.  This made the trip for me here. There were so many people that were taking pics and making comments about my Imperial Fist and Carl's Raven Guard.

We had kill teams, this was a good way to get us to play against some new people and play some casual games with some fellow wargaming battle brothers.  My first game was against an Imperial Guard player names Derek and we enjoyed playing against each other we jumped to different tables playing against each other.  We even tied an epic battle against our 2 leaders that killed each other in 1 vs1 combat. This was a blast and thanks for being such a great opponent Derek, we hope to see you again next year.

Day 2: The Massacre at the Wall: So on this day we had a great turn out for the event.  Team Imperium was me "Imperial Fist", Carl "Raven Guard" and Matt "Space Wolves"  against too many other armies and people for me to remember. lol But, the pics can help out with that.  I have never seen so many nicely painted armies and super heavies in my life! I bet there was easy $40,000 on  the table lol.  One army that really sticks out to me is Troy's Mechanicum Army.  This army was all Forgeworld, all painted, and was amazing.

So here is some quick info of the battle that the pics cant tell.  The Imperium Side, we knew we were going to lose, it had already been pre-written lol.  But, we were going to hold the line as long as we could for reinforcements to arrive.  Key moments that I remember: The Mechanicum Army has an ability that after 10 tanks it blows up it can take over one of our vehicles for one round.  So what do you think it took over....Yep our Reaver Titan and when they did it destroyed our Warhound Titan.....dang....that hurt a lot lol.  The the Orks run to another battle on the battle field; "FYI there are 6 tables of different battles that effect how day 3 begins.  So when the Orks leave the Space Wolves run after them just like a flashy tennis ball for a dog lol.  So D weapons are shot back and forth like no tomorrow, things are blowing up and people are dieing, just like it should be in the Horus Heresy.  But then all of a sudden, Rogal Dorn appears with a squad of terminators at the feet of one of the Warhound Titans.  It was cool, it was epic, and they assaulted the Warhound with no fear, but when the Warhoud stomped and rolled a 6......well all models were since the organizers like fun and cool stuff they made it to where Rogal was stuck fighting for his life under the Warhounds foot, where he was until reinforcements arrived.  When the Imperial Guard, that were sided with the traitors, saw Rogal Dorn show up they then changed sides and fought for the Imperium, "Since Rogal is the next best thing to the Emperor." lol This helped but this battle was lost and the Wall was taken....this was a sad day for the Imperium.

Day 3 The Imperium Strikes Back: As you can see in the pics below, the Texas Games Con Narrative Team put together a nice Wall.  Well, as you can see, a lot of people get put on me and Carl's side of the table....well we had our wall breached from the day before there ya go. So here we go, me and Carl are defending the breach trying to keep people out. In the last round of the battle there was an epic 1 VS 1 between my Captain and the Librarian of the enemy in the breach.  This made it to where we were contesting the breach while our other team mates controlled the other sections of the wall.  The Raven Guard and Ultramarine's had won their fights outside the breach and consolidated into the breach and The Imperial Fist Terminators defeated Ghrazghkull Thraka and then consolidated into the breach.

So as you can see the Imperium won the game and held the wall, even being out numbered the Emperor was watching over us this day. 2 Loyalist - 0 Traitors.  FOR THE EMPEROR!!!!!!!!!!!

This was a great event and we definitely plan on coming to it again next year.

By the way, I won best painted army!!!This made me very excited since I love this part of the game.  Special thanks to by close friend and painter Johnny Smiley of Fuzzy Dog Painting and South Alabama Wargamers for painting this army for me.  This was your work here buddy and you do magic with a paintbrush and air brush.  Can't wait to see my Imperial Fist Legion grow.
South Alabama War Gamers

The link below is the rest of the pics form the event in a slide show.  We hope you enjoyed this article and don't forget to like and subscribe to us.

SMG Wargaming - Texas Games Con 2014 Album

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