Monday, July 14, 2014

40K Tactics: 7th Edition Tactics for the Forces of Chaos

40K Tactics

7th Edition Tactics for the Forces of Chaos

by Chaos Pat
South Mississippi Gamers

Hello everyone, it's me, Chaos Pat! Well, I recently heard that chaos marines and daemons are not competitive in this edition, well I wish someone had told me that sooner, that way I could have stopped crushing my opponents spirits with them! But in all seriousness the forces of chaos do not suck, I repeat they do not suck, they have simply become a finesse army, much like tyranids and orks, which are both deadly when used in the right hands.

Lets start with the basic principles, you are a close combat army, not a shooty army, so as many points as possible need to be dedicated to the assault phase, some will say you need something to kill transports, well close combat does that very well, especially against wave serpents since neither of their nifty abilities work in close combat (jink, serpent shield).

Next, chaos can have a stupid amount of fast moving units in an 1850 list, mine specifically has 8, all of which are good in close combat. Now lets get into the juicy details of what I think makes a good chaos army successful. Please note that these are my opinions based on my experiences playing against high level competitive players.

Take nurgle chaos spawn, as many as you can, I personally never leave home without three squads of nurgle chaos spawn, they are stupid fast, hit surprisingly hard, and are incredibly obnoxious to kill, don't believe me? Example: four wave serpents and two fire prisms fired into them, they only killed five out of fifteen, that's 1850pts of an incredibly shooty army failing to kill at least 200 of my own. They are awesome, take lots of them.

Next up is maulerfiends with lasher tendrils, these suckers are incredibly under rated, the only problem is you need to have three of them for target saturation. They are incredibly good at killing what the spawn can not, things like imperial knights, daemon princes, wraith knights, dread knights, riptides, ect.

Biker lords with ALL THE UPGRADES! Want specifics? Fine, take them with mark of nurgle, claw, fist, sigil, and a bike, those are the essentials, with this they hit hard with lots of attacks, and are durable, if you want to be even better play crimson slaughter, take daemonheart and slaughterers horns and watch as he kills everything he touches.

Biker sorcerors are good, keep 'em cheap, only give them mastery level 3, spell familiar, and a bike, this keeps them under 150pts and they add good versatility and durability through spells. Those four units are the "all stars" of the chaos marine book in my opinion, now onto daemons.

The masque is good anti-deathstar with her dances, and she it cheap, but if we are doing chaos marine primary taking her and only her instead of four heralds or a greater daemon is not the most tactically advisable option, but if you feel your army does not need the heralds or greater daemon then she should be in your list.

Heralds and greater daemons of all kinds are good, try them out to see which one you like best, i personally am a fan of the great unclean one and the herald of slaanesh, but your needs may differ from mine, so playtest to find your best fit.

Beasts of nurgle. What you think I'm joking? I'm not, they are actually really good. They got four wounds, it will not die, shrouded, and they are beasts, while they are a bit expensive, they have proven their points in any game i've played, and while they do not hit hard, they are a bear to try and kill.

Fiends of slaanesh are amazing, especially with a herald with exalted locus, they will kill just about anything in one round of combat, but they can not take a hit worth a damn, so they are the exact opposite of the beasts of nurgle.

Nurglings are actually good now, they can score, infiltrate, deep strike, have shrouded, and have objective secured, they are the best almost 50pts i've ever spent on a troop choice.

While there are plenty of other units from both books that are good, these are the units that I personally consider the best of the best, so if i were trying to make a smash face chaos list, these units would weasel their way into my list. Hopefully this helps some of you chaos players show them tau and eldar players who's boss.


  1. Huh, good points about nurgle spawn, may look into them now. Really good post btw, good to see some positivity on the internet. Cheers.

  2. no mention of the trust oblit? I love those guys

  3. I think that forgefeinds may be better than obliterators in the edition