Friday, August 22, 2014

SMG Wargaming/maCnarB Gaming - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Alright everyone Hinkel here from South Mississippi Gamers. Tomorrow we are looking at getting as many people as we can, club members and non club member's to do a large ALS Ice Bucket Challenge tomorrow at maCnarB Gaming. If ya got an SMG shirt were it, if ya don't were you maCnarB shirt or 19th legion shirt anything really.Well we will be dunking around 1pm. So please let us know if you want to join in. Hinkel will have the video equipment set up so lets make this a great turn out. For the Greater

maCnarB Gaming
2307 Gautier Mississippi

If people can please bring buckets and ice to help us out. thanks alot
Facebook Event Below

Monday, August 11, 2014

40K INCOMING: Upcoming Grey Knights Codex and Other New Release Dates




All Pre-Orders August 16th
Release Date August 23rd

Sanctus Reach
Sanctus Reach: Hour of the Wolf $49.50 Hardback

Space Wolves
Warriors of the Fang $170 Plastic box
Space Wolves Skyclaws $37 Plastic box
Space Wolves Long Fangs $37 Plastic box

Grey Knights
Codex: Grey Knights $49.50 Hardback
Codex: Grey Knights (limited edition) $110 Hardback Book (web only)
Datacards: Grey Knights $8 Cards
Grey Knights Purifier Squad $33 Plastic box
Grey Knights Strike Squad $60 Plastic box
Grey Knights Paladin Squad $50 Plastic box
Grey Knights Nemesis Dreadknight $53.75 Plastic box
Grey Knights Land Raider $74.25 Plastic box
Grey Knights Venerable Dreadnought $46.30 Plastic box
Grey Knights Stormraven Gunship $82.50 Plastic box

Black Library
Horus Heresy: Horus Rising $9.99 Novel
Grey Knights Omnibus $17.50 Novel
Sanctus Reach: Blood on the Mountain $24 Novel
Sanctus Reach: Volume 2 $90 other book (web only)

Grey Knights Datacards
Grey Knights will be reboxed as Purifiers
GK terminators reboxed as Palidins

This is all right from the order form. Everything will be out at the same time AUGUST 23.
 (Pre-order AUGUST 16)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

40K VIDEO BATREP: White Scars vs Chaos Daemons 1850 - The 19th Legion Battle Report

White Scars vs. Chaos Daemons 1850

In this video battle report Heretic Steve outplays the mess out of Carl! Both players have competitive armies, however, Steve's superior tactics win him the day. If you are interested in how to play to your armies strength and take advantage of  an opponent's weakness then this video is for you. 

We are playing 1850 book missions; single CAD with allies. 

A blooper reel will follow in a couple of days!

Monday, August 4, 2014

SPACE WOLF WATCH 2014: Week Three, Logan Klaus!

" Dashing through the snow
In a two wolf open grav sleigh
Over the battlefields we go
Slaying all the way "



by Uktena
South Mississippi Gamers
Astra Chaos Wolf

Welcome, Wolf Brothers, to week three of Space Wolf Pre-Releases and Rumors. Not quite as much as last week but we have three new items to talk about. One item is blowing up the 40K blog-o-sphere with a controversy of love and hate; so let's get right to that. I present to thee Logan Klaus ...

The new pictures are from the source: grot orderly.

Click on a picture to get a bigger view.

The Pictures

Would you look at the details on this thing! Incredible.
Not only stellar Norse themed details but good fluff too.

The following rumors about the Stormrider rules are from the source: belloflostsouls.

Logan Grimnar Lord of War
Points = Land Raider.

Epic new model, comes with a sort of grav-chariot called 'Stormrider' pulled by two enormous Fenrisian wolves, but he can be used without it as well.

  • Treated as a vehicle, didn't get AVs, has a 4+ Invulnerable save and cannot suffer Penetrating hits (all Pens are reduced to Glances).
  • Gives Logan 4 S5 Ap- attacks on a turn when he charges.
  • Logan loses Deep Strike if he takes Stormrider.
  • Lots of other cool rules, but didn't get those.


When the Space Wolves go to war, they do so in the company of giants. Drop pods plunge from orbit into the midst of enemy battle lines, reducing the ranks to chaos as the hulking Venerable Dreadnoughts burst out of their metal hulls and begin the systematic slaughter of their foes. 
This collection includes: 7 Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnoughts (which can also be assembled as Bjorn the Fell-Handed or Murderfang) and 7 Drop-pods.
Bjorn the Fell-Handed has masterminded many of the Space Wolves’ greatest victories, and by his hand some of the Imperium’s most heinous adversaries have been slain. Always eager to crush the foes of the Allfather, Bjorn continues to fight amongst his brethren as he has done for millennia. 
This collection includes: 1 Bjorn the Fell-Handed, 1 Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought and 1 Murderfang.
So what do I, the humble author, think about Logan Klaus and his new Grav Sleigh?
It seems that everyone and their grandmother has an opinion about the new Stormrider Logan Grimnar model; they either love it or hate it. I am firmly in the camp of blown away and loving it - at last my favorite army is getting a Norse themed model that I had always dreamed of. And, you know, I was all ready to defend the Stormrider's look and talk about how the Space Wolves come from primitive roots and are steeped in a traditional Norse culture brimming with mythos lore, how they are a fiercely individualistic people, anti-authoritarian and how the sleigh fits right in with their clearly unique style. But then I got to thinking (uh-oh) and this popular phrase came to mind:

 'Opinions are like elbows and buttholes - everyone has them'.

Anyway, yeah. The internet is a free society and if you want to voice your opposing opinion then I won't be offended as long as you are being civil or humorous about it. All that I know is that I shall enjoy this model and I can not wait to turn it into the centerpiece of my new Space Wolf army. Accompanying Logan Klaus will be my new Stormwolf ships, Murderfang and Venerable Dreads with frick'n storm shields on their arms. I am absolutely LOVING the new Space Wolf models.

Are the Space Wolves moving towards a more assault oriented play style?

Is GW moving us back towards assault?
One thing that has struck me is how all the new Space Wolf models seem to be geared towards fast and aggressive tactics. Is GW starting to swing the pendulum from a shooting meta back towards assault, or at least a middle ground?

The first hint at this was with the flyers; the Stormwolf gives us a super fast transport that holds a ton of models and has an assault door. Forget Land Raiders, this thing is faster, more heavily armed and carries more people!  Then we have the new Venerable Dreads that are rocking Blizzard Shields and big giant axes! Yes, please! Put those puppies in drop pods and make your enemies cry. And whom can forget about Murderfang? 'Nuff said.

Now we have Logan Klaus to look forward to. Logan has always been a beast in assault and he is still going to be a beast. Stormrider is just the icing on the cake - with it Logan has an even beefier assault and he's going to be super maneuverable so he can get to where he needs to be on the battlefield either supporting with this awesome buffs or kicking ass in glorious battle with the rest of his Wolves.

And let me tell you, that 4+ Invulnerable and turning Pens into Glances is huge. It will give Logan the ability to stay on the battlefield for longer, thus taking more heads and grinding more foes into hamburger meat. I can't wait to see the official rules on this puppy!

So far we have seen great new things for The Sons of Russ and I think this new Logan model will continue in that same vein. I dared not hope for another stellar codex but so far it does appear to be heading into that direction.

Wolf Brothers, Fenris is rising once again!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

40K VIDEO BATREP: SMG Battle Report Tau VS Chaos Space Marines

Johnny of South Alabama War Gamers vs. South Mississippi Gamers Anthony Ryan (Uktena).

Tau vs. Nurgle Chaos Space Marines

Special thanks to Johnny for doing the clubs new video battle report graphics.

South Mississippi Gamers YouTube
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Friday, August 1, 2014

40K EVENT: Brawl in the Fall a 40k SMG & maCnarB Gaming Tournament Event


Presented by



Judges and TO's for this event are Anthony Hinkel and Carl Short of the SMG Wargaming Staff.

Big prize support for this event from our Sponsors - maCnarB Gaming.

1850 points
4 rounds
9am-9:30am Registration
10am dice hit the table

Big Prizes for this event
$25 entry fee

maCnarB Gaming
2307 Highway 90
Gautier Mississippi

** Please visit the Facebook page for all the details and up to date information. **

Facebook Event Page
 SMG Brawl in the Fall Event Page

SMG Wargaming Forums

We will have the open gaming room next door "east" to the main store.

1st Place - Limited edition 7th edition Rule book
2nd Place - $100 maCnarB Gift Card
3rd Place - $50 maCnarB Gift Card
Special - Redstone Rumble 40k Event Pass

Armies need to be emailed no later then September 1st to for review to - No exceptions to this.

Rules are the full BAO rules, only exceptions will be reviewed by a new codex release if there is one before then.

BAO 2014 Warhammer 40,000

BAO 40K Tournament FAQ 7th ed V1.1

Imperial Armor Unit Index